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Patriots Head to Atlanta

  • Will the "watchdog press" be there when the Global Plantation meets in America?

Numerous American patriots will gather at the Renaissance Pineisle Resort near Atlanta, Georgia at noon on June 12 to "Welcome Bilderberg" to its annual "secret" meeting.

Just haw many is unknown, but the "Welcome Bilderberg Committee" reports receiving hundreds of calls (770-962-9496) from patriots across the country.

June 12 is a Thursday, when Bilderberg luminaries will be arriving for evening cocktails and serious business on Friday and Saturday, leaving after breakfast on Sunday.

By appearing at the gates of the Renaissance at noon Thursday, committee members will be able to welcome Bilderberg participants as they arrive. Many will linger to show their devotion on Friday and Saturday, too.

Although it has tried -- without success -- to keep its meetings an absolute secret for more that 40 years., this year's Bilderberg meeting is unusually accessible, the committee advises.

Participants can fly into the Atlanta Airport and take an airport shuttle to the Renaissance. Some will stay at relatively los-cost hotels around the airport, then take the airport shuttle the 53 miles to the Renaissance, located on Lake Lanier Island.

Others, typically those who can remain of Friday and Saturday, will seek out convenient lodgings on Lake Lanier, although rates are about $155 a day.

James P. Tucker Jr. who has covered Bilderberg for The SPOTLIGHT for 15 years, will join the committee in greeting patriots at the Renaissance at noon on June 12.

It is possible -- as happened a year ago in Toronto -- that committee participants will be neck-and-neck with mainstream reporters.

Until Toronto, the news blackout in North American had been, except for The SPOTLIGHT, VIRTUALLY complete. But last year, Canada's largest newspaper, the Toronto Star, gave extensive, day-by-day coverage to Bilderberg. Numerous other Canadian papers joined in.

If the blackout persists in the United States, the mainstream press can hardly plead ignorance. The committee is distributing information about the meeting to newspapers throughout Georgia. Other press releases are being sent nationwide.

Representatives of the Washington Post, New York Times, Los Angeles Times, the weekly news magazines and broadcast networks attend Bilderberg meetings on vows of secrecy, promising to report nothing.

High officials of the White House, State, Treasury and Defense departments also attend these meeting where public policy is conducted behind closed doors at taxpayers' expense. Decisions affecting all Americans and most of the world are made there.