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Welcoming Committee Plans to Show NWO Southern Hospitality

  • Shhh! The Bilderberg group is meeting in Georgia this year. Keep it quiet because no one is supposed to know.
By James P. Tucker Jr.

The ranks of patriots who will greet the world shadow government at the Renaissance Pineisle Resort on Thursday, June 12 are swelling, according to the Welcome Bilderberg committee.

Estimates are hard to come by, the committee staff said, because their phone (770) 962-9496 is constantly ringing and obviously many are unable to get through.

At least on bus load is coming from Kentucky, reported the committee, which is chaired by the Rev. Edward G. Butler of Milledgeville, Georgia. The committee hopes the many patriots who were unable to get through will not be discouraged from participating, Butler said.

The welcome will formally begin at noon on Thursday, June 12 in front of the Renaissance as Bilderberg luminaries begin arriving in lengthy limos and probably by helicopter, too.

They will disappear behind locked and guarded doors, and begin their business with food and drink Thursday night. Formal sessions run Friday through a farewell breakfast Sunday morning.

Some patriots will stay at Lower-cost hotels near and in Atlanta and ride the airport shuttle 53 miles to Lake Lanier Islands, where the Renaissance is situated. Others, especially those who can remain for the duration, will seek out convenient quarters at lake Lanier.

The demonstration could help pierce the virtually complete news blackout of Bilderberg meetings in the United States.


A year ago, near Toronto, Canadian newspapers, responding to the excitement outside the Bilderberg resort, gave heavy attention to Bilderberg, raising hard questions about why public business is conducted behind closed doors.

In recent years, at the prodding of SPOTLIGHT readers, European newspapers, television and radio have given extensive coverage to Bilderberg meetings across the ocean. But the stories tended to be friendly over the presence of luminaries.

The U.S. news blackout is deliberate. For more than four decades, officials of the New York Times, Washington Post, Los Angeles Times, news weeklies and broadcast networks have attended Bilderberg meetings, taking vows of secrecy that have never been broken.

Meanwhile, the committee is busy sending press releases to Georgia newspapers, and buying space to tell the Bilderberg story in some of them.

The committee will also be distributing special press releases for Georgia newspapers, prepared by The SPOTLIGHT, shortly before Bilderberg gathers. Another press release directed at all newspapers and broadcast outlets in the nation will be distributed by SPOTLIGHT from Washington.

Butler, committee chairman, has been following the world government movement for years. He is a member of the Board of Policy at Liberty Lobby, the Washington that publishes The SPOTLIGHT.

Butler served as a Baptist minister in cincinnati before retiring to Milledgeville, Georgia. He is preparing a series of seminars on the New World Order, taking into account current events and the scriptures.