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On to Denver for World's Elite

  • The masters of the Global Plantation, fresh from their Bilderberg confab near Atlanta, Georgia, will be meeting in Denver the weekend of June 20 to arrange for the further exploitation of the world's masses. But at least one energetic group of citizens is standing up to be counted.
By Chris Temple

Those who would have the entire world as their economic playground - without regard to nationality or even humanity -- will meet in Denver, Colorado for the next Group of Seven or G-7 confab the weekend of June 20. As usual, the various heads of state, finance ministers and assorted other big shots will be meeting to set policy, which can be assumed to be largely based on "marching orders" received from the just concluded Bilderberg meeting.

Indicative of the globalist plutocrats' designs to enslave new segments of the world's populations, much attention will be focused again at this session on the former "Soviet bloc" countries, all of which are seen as ripe pickings by multinational corporations and corrupt politicians alike. In fact, the now- regular attendance of Russian President Boris Yeltsin at these meetings has given rise to the conference being called the "Summit of the Eight" in some quarters.

At least one umbrella citizens' and human rights organization has decided not to allow the international fat cats to proceed with their meeting in silence. In much the same way as The SPOTLIGHT led the way in shining the light of day on the Bilderbergers, the Washington, D.C. based "50 Years Is Enough" group will be a major presence in Denver that weekend.

The organization -- comprised of over 200 various groups from around the world, including The National Investor -- has been among the most vocal and most constructive in calling for an end to globalist exploitation of the world's masses for financial gain; particularly those in the developing world.


This author has written about this organization on several previous occasions in both the pages of The SPOTLIGHT and in The National Investor.

In Denver, 50 Years will be moderating an impressive series of meeting dubbed as "The Other Economic Summit/People's Summit." The specific times of the meetings are not known as we go to press, but they will be held Friday through Sunday, June 20-22, at the Auraria Campus of the University of Colorado in Denver.

One of the scheduled Friday workshops is titled, "Understanding the World Bank: A Discussion for Activist." The presenters including 50 Years' Lisa McGowan, will give a primer of sorts on the World Bank and its various injustices.

Other workshop sessions include "Understanding the IMF and Debt," put on by Jubilee 2000/USA, and "International Activism: Strategies to Combat Globalization and Promote Alternatives."

About the author

Chris Temple has more than two decades of experience in the financial services industry, and currently operates The National Investor.