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Who Controls Washington?

  • Do we have government by elected representatives or government by media pressure.
By Tony Blizzard

In a representative republic, such as our nation's founders attempted to make, individuals who wish to represent the people are to first give those people an honest representation of themselves and what they stand for. Elections are meant to be the democratic portion of government. Once elected, representatives are to follow only their own consciences when voting on proposed legislation.

American reality is far different. For decades key votes were commonly decided by the disguised bribery Of corporate lobbyists. Today outcomes are shaped large on how voting motivation will be painted for the public by an agenda-driven media.

Every member of each chamber of Congress, as well as the president, is acutely aware that the mainstream media holds his/her career in its unforgiving grasp.

Vote "right" (meaning the desired outcome of those corporate plutocrats who own the media) and one's future is assured by sweetheart "puffs." Vote "wrong," or in opposition to the big boys, and, overnight, an honest representative may be remade into demon-of-the-week.

Remember one-time darling of the press Sen. William Fulbright (D-Ark.) and others such as Rep. Paul Findley (R-Ill.) who dared encourage an even hand by the United States in the Middle East? Formerly unbeatable, they lost their seats battling a suddenly hostile press, which perceived they were not champions of Israel. Media manipulation is the name of the Washington game; representation of the people is history. Every elected (or hopeful) ear becomes attuned to unelected media agenda "correctness," even beyond the considerable cash lure of interconnected corporate lobbyists.


Those in government who lack sincerity in their political ambitions are quick to recognize and exploit this media manipulation for personal gain. This is especially true when both are driven by the same agenda. Clinton cartel members are masters at playing their bedfellow mainstream media for every advantage in furthering the demise of American sovereignty. One visualizes media cronies and the administration at their joint script session before the president's daily pronouncements.

Favorite Clinton themes are highly emotional subjects such as the welfare of children and the elderly. White House proposals are made to insure some high-sounding benefit for the lives of children, women and senior citizens which, although easily made into issues of compassion in manufactured news, usually prove to be more constitutionally-unlawful, world-government-style control of those groups.

As reciprocation, the media lionizes Clinton, ignoring, discrediting or minimizing his many apparently criminal acts which make the demonized, chastised and dethroned Nixon appear saintly in comparison.

The Republican-controlled Congress' efforts most often are equally cynical rhetoric on fiscal responsibility and tax relief with no real reform intended.

Ironically, big media, owned by big money, keeps Republicans toeing the one-world line with the unsaid threat of "exposing " the party as a heartless asset of big business.


So contorted has the need for media and lobbyist fawning become that most bills of Congress sport needful sounding titles which have little or no relation to the usually unlawful Orwellian contents. By this subterfuge the controlled lawmakers hope that both the voting public and the one-world media will be appeased.

The media, in turn, is happy to repeat good-sounding titles of desired bills while ignoring content. In this manner, the government is erecting piecemeal a comprehensive framework of United Nations police-state dictatorship.

The media maliciously destroys the character of the people's elected representatives if they refuse to cave to the New World Order agenda, thus changing us to a nation governed by an oligarchy rather than law.

This deliberate dishonesty in government betrays our future generations into slavery and can only be countered by continual pressure from the people themselves. Only their demands can force the elected to truly represent the electorate by returning to obedience to the law those elected swore to preserve and protect.