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Sneaky Effort Made to Expand NAFTA

  • Congressional legmen for profit-hungry plutocrats have planted a secret amendment in the House budget bill to pull 23 more countries into the North American Trade Agreement.
By James P. Tucker, Jr.

Legislation that would expand NAFTA to 23 more nations was quietly slipped into the House budget bill at the last moment, according to the U.S. Business and Industrial Council.

It is not included in the Senate version and could die in conference as members from both chambers try to reconcile their differences -- if voters make their representatives aware of the measure.

The "NAFTA 'Parity' for the Caribbean Basin Act" would add 23 nations to NAFTA without hearings or debate or significant public knowledge.

Congress is already scheduled to take up "fast track" legislation in the fall that would grant President Clinton power to negotiate expansion of NAFTA, which would have to be approved by Congress on an up-or-down vote without amendments.

It os "hard to determine" just who got the NAFTA language into the House budget proposal, said the USBIC's Alan Tonelson, because negotiations are behind closed doors and no individual has to be identified.

The sneak attempt was the result of Clinton administration concerns that public education on the impact of NAFTA -- hundreds of thousands of lost American jobs -- have put future enlargement in jeopardy, according to a high State Department official.


"If NAFTA cannot be enlarged, the 'American Union' is dead. You cannot have a superstate similar to the European Union if it only involves the United States, Canada and Mexico," said the official, who has been a reliable source for a decade.

So many studies, published in The SPOTLIGHT and a few other publications -- although obligingly ignored or minimized by the mainstream press -- have raised public awareness of the evils of NAFTA that President Clinton fears expansion may be blocked.

That's why, he said, the administration's July 11 report on NAFTA, this was mandated by Congress, was so timid, claiming only a "modest positive effect" on the American economy.

"The Administration had wanted to produce another report full of hype about the 'benefits' of NAFTA and including the usual fiction about 'more jobs and lower prices' but they didn't dare pull such figures out of the air this time," the official said.

If the administrations's sneak attempt to expand NAFTA through the budget measure is thrown out -- and many congressmen are unaware that it's in there -- there is a real chance to block NAFTA when it comes before Congress in September, the official said.


This would be crucial, he said, to stop the American Union from evolving, a dream of President Clinton and his colleagues in Bilderberg and the Trilateral Commission.

Te plan had from the outset -- as David Rockefeller, emperor of Bilderberg and the Trilaterals publicly acknowledged -- been to expand NAFTA to include all the nations of the Western Hemisphere.

As NAFTA expands, the 90-man commission now composed of 30 representatives each from the United States, Canada and Mexico would expand accordingly, evolving into the American Union Parliament.

The third great region of the world to be administered by a global government, would be the Pacific Union, now in its embryo stage as the Asian, Pacific Economic Commission.