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UN Goes After Your Guns

  • The NRA has realized the world government is out to get your weapons.
By Mike Blair

Those who do not heed warnings read in this newspaper may often find themselves behind the proverbial eight ball. Ever the powerful National Rifle Association (NRA) sometimes has to acknowledge SPOTLIGHT truths, even if they don't acknowledge The SPOTLIGHT.

In the August issue of American Rifleman, the NRA featured on its front page over its banner at the very top, "Global Gun Control on the March." The NRA is correct. There is a global effort within the United Nations to take away your guns.

SPOTLIGHT readers have known about his for several years and as recently as its June 9 issue -- several weeks before the NRA's revelations -- that a sinister plot is underway between President Bill Clinton and the UN to force international control of private firearms and is providing U.S. funds to accomplish it.

In any case, the NRA is to be commended for bringing to the attention of the pro-gun group's millions of members across the nation the dangers of the UN effort to outlaw private firearms.

"A Japanese proposal calling for control has been adopted by the United Nations," Tanya Metaksa warns in her article, She then goes on to state it is an official act of the UN and as such should greatly concern every gun owner.

The SPOTLIGHT has been since its inception a strong opponent of infringements upon the Constitution's Second Amendment right of the people 'to keep and bear arms" -- and note, it says "right' -- not "privilege," as national gun grabbers are trying to make Americans think is the case when it comes to keeping and bearing those arms.

Miss Metaksa says the United States has spent $250,000 of taxpayers funds to finance work that led up to the proposal, sponsored by Japan, calling for global gun control. An equal sum will be provided by the United States to fund the preparation of a "Universal Declaration of Principles on Firearms Regulation,"

The writer says a "declaration on gun control would be used by every anti-gun group on the planet to influence governmental bodies from parliaments and congresses to city councils. The declaration would also be almost impossible to amend."

The SPOTLIGHT warned that there is not time to waste, to begin calling your congressmen and senators in June to let them know in no uncertain terms that you as a supporter of the Second Amendment are against any effort to usurp American sovereignty by helping to initiate and finance global gun control

As Liberty Lobby Board of Policy Chairman Vince Ryan so often, and accurately, states: "Your influence counts. Use it!"