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UN Could Sing Blues after Hearing

  • A federal judge is set to hear the next round in the fight against international control of the U.S. military.
By Andrew Arnold

Former Spec. 4 Michael New is scheduled to get his day in court in front of the U.S. Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia on September 26 in Washington D.C. Oral arguments are scheduled for 9:30 am.

Following the hearing, New supporters are planning a meeting int he caucus room of the Cannon House Office Building at noon.

New was dishonorably discharged in 1995 after he refused to don a UN beret or wear UN insignia on his U.S. Army uniform. According to New's attorney, Michael Farris, the former medic will argue that the order was illegal.

When the case was filed, a judge said the case had great importance regarding the relationship between the executive and the legislative branches of government and the U.S. and UN.

Supporters say the sovereignty of the country will be on trial when the appeal is heard.

The case is about "whether U.S. military personnel can be forced into becoming mercenaries, serving under foreign commanders in foreign uniforms, in a foreign country," says Col. Robert Brenner Jr. (retired).

"The outcome of this historic hearing will have tremendous implications," he added.

Other supporters argue it is time for Americans to stand with New.

"This man and wonderful family stand on principle and have been done a great injustice by the leaders of this country as he vowed to keep his pledge of allegiance to America," said Judy Kimball of Riverside, California.

"If anyone can be called a patriot in this lifetime, Michael New is one of the best,' she added. "He put his career and future, with possible jail time, on the line for the principles so many of us believe in but haven't had to prove yet.

"Not one other person in his company had the guts to get behind him, although he was told by some they were proud of what he did,' Ms Kimball said. "But where were they when he needed their support?"

"...As you already know, Bill Clinton and his friends at the United Nations want to turn American soldiers into UN mercenaries.

"The want to force our soldiers to wear the baby blue uniform of the UN. To transfer their loyalties from the U.S. Constitution to the UN Charter and to take life-and-death orders from UN bureaucrats who hate America.

"I refused Bill Clinton's illegal orders because those orders would have made me a mercenary for the United Nations and I paid a price for my refusal...
Supporters warn that the government has unlimited funds to use in its fight against New. The defense team is attempting to drum up counter support. Its address is:

Michael New Legal Defense Fund
2721 H-I-J Merrilee Drive, #408
Fairfax, VA 22031-4407