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ADL Schemers Behind Closed Doors

  • It took a security team of foreigners and Zionists to bully one lone SPOTLIGHT correspondent in San Diego.
By Tom Townsend

September 27 started out for me like any other normal day, except for the 100-mile drive to San Diego to cover the annual national meeting of the Anti-Defamation league of B'nai B'rith (ADL).

Ordinarily, you pick up your press credentials at the press box, hand a tag on your shirt pocket identifying you as a member of the press and proceed to take the notes needed to write your story.

The ADL meeting was different. There was no press box. In fact, according to one of the hotel security guards, the meeting was private. Only ADL members were welcome.

Upon arrival at the hotel parking lot, I noticed a group of people unloading some boxes and picket signs. I knew, from talking to callers to my office, protesters were going to be present to call attention to the ADL meeting. This was the first group to arrive, and inasmuch as I needed comments from the picketers, I followed along to the street outside the hotel. Little did I know I was being carefully watched.

A bullhorn was hooked up and picket signs were hoisted as they marched down the sidewalk. Some of the protesters passed out flyers and information to the public as they passed by on the way to the hotel.

I noted the passers by took what they were offered for the most part. However, some almost jumped off the curb rather than touch the flyers.

Joe Fields, operating the bullhorn, broadcast the group's opposition to the ADL activities to cars driving by. "Welcome ADL, enemies of America," "Agents of the Zionist government of Israel,' "Know your enemies" etc.

As the bullhorm rang out, pickets moved up and down the sidewalk carrying signs that read, "ADL Criminal Cabal," "ADL Source of Corruption,' "ADL KGB," "ADL Masters of Deceit" and "Mossad Killed Kennedy."

George Kadar, a San Clemente businessman, told The Spotlight he wanted the ADL exposed because they spy on leaders, publications and patriot volunteers.

"The ADL," he said "has been keeping secret records of not only individuals who oppose Zionism, but anyone else who criticizes any actions of the government of Israel.

Following my interview of the protesters, I entered the Hyatt Regency Hotel for comments from the ACL.

Stopping by the Hyatt's information desk, I was told the meeting was on the forth floor but was closed to the public. I was less than five steps from the information desk when I heard the attendant's voice calling security. Foolishly, I assumed the call was unrelated to my innocent question.

Proceeding to the escalator, I made it to the third floor where a combination of ADL and hotel security personnel were ready for me. The lead security man was huge.

Having anticipated I would need identification, I had placed my press apss (with my picture, name of newspaper and address) on my clipboard. I was stopped and subjected to a heated grilling by several of the men present. I explained all I wanted was a statement regarding the pickets outside the hotel with the anti-ADL literature.

The hotel security, a few backups and four or five ADL hands all tried to get at me, picking at my clipboard, wanting to know if I had flyers under the blank page on top and what was the big batch of papers on the bottom.

Not finding anything on the clipboard the lead security man asked, "What's that in your back pocket?"

I told him it was literature I had been given from the picketers.

At that point I was accused of lying because K had said I was not bringing in flyers. Fact is, I had completely forgotten I had the materials in my back pocket.

I once again requested a statement from the ADL regarding the opposition outside.

"What are you talking about?" and older man asked. "The group meeting upstairs is private and none of your business. No one is going to talk to you, and you are invited to leave, right now."

At that point a huge man placed his hand on my arm and said, "You are to leave, right now.' I demanded he remove his hand from my arm, and he did. However, he followed me down the lobby and outside the door. He phoned security where I could still hear, saying, "Right now he is heading across the street toward the parking lot. Make sure he gets in his car and leaves as he is ordered off the hotel property."

So much for freedom of the press and so much for the ADL's annual national meeting in San Diego. Like the Bilderbergers, everything is secret and it is impossible to tell what mischief was being plotted on the forth floor of the luxurious Hyatt Regency Hotel in San Diego.