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California Republicans Vote for Sovereignty

  • California's Republican Party, in convention at Anaheim, adopted several politically incorrect resolutions.
By Tony Blizzard

The Golden State's GOP is fighting back against attacks on American sovereignly.

On September 28, official California GOP recognition was given to encroachments such as the UN Biosphere Reserves and the World Heritage sites, the American Heritage Rivers Initiative, and their growing clout, Thanks to Clinton executive orders.

Our growing economic surrender to globalist usurpation was described as follows:

"Whereas, Trade Agreements such as NAFTA, GATT, and the WTO infringe upon our nation's sovereign rights and are unconstitutional with NAFTA specifically violating the U.S. constitution in the following areas: the Preamble, Article I, Section 8, clauses 1,3,9 and 18; Article II, Section 2; Article V -- 'ratification by states'; First Amendment -- right to petition; Fifth Amendment -- due process rights; and the Fourteenth Amendment-equal protection clause ..."

Among resolutions adopted by this "Restoring America's Sovereignty" Convention was official support for H.R. 1842 to prohibit any further action on the American Heritage Rivers Initiative, and a demand that all elected officials "cease and desist from going against the Constitution and Declaration of Independence." This demand included support for the American Sovereignty Act of 1997 (H.R. 1146)

A final resolution was that all California Republicans support the Erroneous United Nations debt Act (H.R. 934) to stop payment to the UN until U.S. accounting is approved or U.S. overpayments reimbursed.