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Powerful Dynasty Aims at Presidency

  • Is there a Rockefeller headed for the White House? If so, it won't be the first time the idea has germinated among the internationalists.
By Mike Blair

About a year ago a story surfaced indicating some remarkable changes wold be taking place at the White House before the conclusion of Bill Clinton's second term.

The story originated from a lady who is numbered among the social elite who rub elbows with the Rockefellers and other international bankers and their families; but it seemed at the time too incredible to believe.

The woman, however, persisted with her story about the forthcoming White House changes.

The biggest change was that Clinton would be out of the White House and Sen. "Jay" Rockefeller (D-W.Va.) Would be the new president by 1999.

Following is the scenario outlined by the woman, as she supposedly heard it from her Rockefeller connections:

President Clinton was called on the carpet by the Rockefellers and other international bankers and told that he must resign from his scandal-ridden presidency -- or else, which was that he would suddenly find himself in even bigger trouble and it would ultimately ruin him. He would find himself under broader investigation and the mainstream media would be focused on him like never before.


Of course the part about broader investigations has turned out to be true, the congress now being focused on Clinton's questionable fund-raising efforts with links to the Red Chinese-oriented Lippo Group; in turn linked, of course, to most international banks in one way or the other. And also true is the somewhat surprising fact that the mainstream media is now reporting more of Clinton's dirty laundry list.

But the lady's story continued. Next, she said, vice President Albert Gore Jr. would be forced to resign from office and Clinton would thus be required to name a new vice president. Guess who: That's right Sen. "Jay" Rockefeller, a perfect choice, so the story went, because he is "squeaky clean," at least in so much as the mainstream media chooses -- or is allowed, perhaps -- to report about him.

The argument is also made that a Rockefeller would be so rich that he could not possibly be involved in any financial wrongdoing, such as questionable fund-raising practices.

Now, the picture, as outlined by the lady, is today sounding more than just believable.

First, note that Gore has suddenly become the key target of the Senate Government Affairs Committee, currently looking into election campaign fund- raising of the Clinton administration, particularly Gore's fund-raising illegally done at the White House and at a Buddhist temple in California.

Second, note that while Attorney General Janet Reno has recently decreed that a Justice Department probe has determined that there is no evidence of fund-raising criminal acts by Clinton to warrant continuing an investigation she has also indicated that the probe of Gore's fund-raising activities is to be expanded. Could Gore be finding himself set up for a big fall?

Thus, Gore, the lady's story goes, will be indicted and/or forced to resign.

If this happens, it must be remembered that this is almost a repeat scenario of the events of two decades ago.

While Richard M. Nixon's administration was embroiled in ever-increasing scandal referred to as Watergate, suddenly Vice president Spiro Agnew. A former Maryland governor, was forced to resign and plead "no contest" to charges of financial wrongdoing.

Then, Nixon named House Minority Leader Gerald Ford (D-Mich.) To be his replacement vice president.

Nixon went on to resign the office of president and Ford became the new president, shortly thereafter naming the then supposedly "squeaky clean" -- according to the mainstream media - liberal Republican Gov. Nelson A. Rockefeller of New York.

Also, conveniently, Rockefeller, after spending millions of his own funds to be elected to a fourth term as governor suddenly, for reasons which were never made clear, resigned the gubernatorial post.

Then followed two unsuccessful and almost totally inexplicable attempts to assassinate President Ford.

As it turned out, Ford, for reasons known only to him, decided to dump Rockefeller from the Republican presidential ticket and select Sen. Robert Dole (R-Kan.).

Ford, of course, went on to lose that election to Jimmy Carter and, it is also remembered, the GOP concluded in 1996 that dole could not be elected, over the most scandalized and discredited President in history, and gave up on him, with Clinton thus scoring a resounding re-election victory.

The lady's story concludes:

Ultimately, Clinton will be forced to leave office, perhaps with a face- saving excuse of ill health, and "Jay" Rockefeller will become president. And even if Clinton does stay in office for the remainder of his term, Rockefeller will be aligned perfectly, as a sitting vice president, as the Democratic presidential choice in the year 2000.

Sound to incredible to be true?

Nelson Rockefeller nearly pulled off the same trick 23 years ago, and the failure of the plan then was not for lack of trying.