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Politicians and Their Benefactors Like to Keep Money Deals Private

  • Swiss banks and their numbered accounts are popular places for funds to change hands between the politically well connected and thseir benefactors.
By Maj. Alyn Denham

There are several types of foreign numbered bank accounts. One type is the most common, used by depositors for various legitimate reasons. However, there are many other types that are preferred by criminals politicians. Embezzlers and so forth.

These "other" types have all sorts of provisions to protect the identities of the provisions to protect the identities of the depositors and beneficiaries; safeguards such as secret deposit numbers used by depositors when they put money into a numbered "parent" account.

When these "benefactors" want to transfer funds to a politician anonymously, they advise the bank to set aside "X" number of dollars to be withdrawn from the "parent" account by the beneficiary presenting a secret withdrawal number.

Following the money trail to and from these {"parent" accounts is next to impossible, as it involves transfers from the largest international banks to small, out-of-the-way banks. The process is too complicated to explain in this limited space.

Following are partial lists of secret 'parent" numbered accounts, numbered "transfer" accounts and numbered "distribution" accounts. The first list identifies the accounts. The second is of individuals. Organizations and governments with interests in one or more of the accounts.

* 342 88 2120 ANB;
* 4823 0023 2161 Citibank;
* 3688412947661 Vaduz;
* 0428 41124 4 11 Wien ONB;
* FY5616 0176 4329 Credit Suisse;
* D4450 242 BL 216 Credit Suisse;
* 728 22 19 266 Credit Lyon;
* BM7 4189 62 Banco de Espano;
* 42113 982764 Belgium Cre Lux
* 825 27893 114 1021 Lyonnaise;
* GP 3556 1076 00 Banco de Espano;
* 001 028 32307 Amex Trans;
* 23 1026 78283 Amex Trans;
* 42D 1123 21612 Citibank;
* 551 79 2322 ANB;
* 551 50 2326 ANB;
* 92267 97 01 World Bank.

Following is the second group -- persons, groups, organizations and countries doing numbered account business. Key: (D)= primarily a depositor; (R)= primarily a recipient; (P)=personal account.

* Vince Foster (R,P);
* Hillary Clinton (R,P);
* President Bill Clinton (R,P);
* George Bush (R,P);
* Albert Gore Sr. (P);
* Henry Kissinger (R);
* MS Foundation (P);
* Rockefeller Foundation (D,P);
* Ron Brown (R);
* Jane Fonda Turner (R,P)
* Libya (D);
* Ted Turner (D,P);
* Morris Dees (P);
* James Brady (P);
* Israel (D);
* George Miller (R);
* Harley Staggers (P);
* Robert Torricelli (R,P);
* Henry Waxman (P);
* Ted Weiss (R,P);
* Gay & Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation (R);
* Legal Services Corp. (R);
* People's Republic of China (D);
* Bruce Babbitt (P);
* Tom Lantos (P);
* American Civil Liberties Union (R);
* National Council of Churches (D);
* Environmental Defense Fund (D);
* Nelson Mandela (P);
* Winnie Mandela (P);
* Daniel K Inouye (P);
* Patricia Ireland (P);
* Stephen Solarz (R);
* Robert Matsui (P);
* Robert Matsui (P);
* Howard Metzenbaum (R,P);
* Bob Packwood (R,P);
* Leon Panetta (P);
* Sarah Brady (R,P);
* David Pryor (R,P);
* Nick Rahall (P);
* Charles Rangel (P);
* John D. Rockefeller IV (P);
* Peter Rodino (R,P);
* Dan Rostenkowski (R,P);
* Paul Sarbanes (R,P);
* Charles Schumer (R,P);
* Lowell Weicker (R,P);
* Richard Armitage (P);
* Robert Mugabe (P);
* Kin Chong-II (D);
* Handgun control, Inc. (D);
* Democratic socialists of America (R); and
*Lindy Boggs (P).

It doesn't take a brain surgeon to piece together the whole puzzle.