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Russia Could Deploy Weather Control System

  • Russian scientists have developed a system to control weather from satellites orbiting in space, according to recent reports from Malaysia, where the system will be tested.
By John Bishop

Skies from Thailand to Australia have been clogged with thick haze for the past four months, which is caused by Indonesian forest fires, most of which were ignited intentionally to clear land.

Now come reports from a Russian state-owned company that says it can utilize a weather control system in an effort to break up the haze, which is said to be endangering the health of millions.

Malaysian authorities say the Russians can utilize satellites to produce cyclones that will disperse the haze.

Currently, according to press reports from Malaysia, the Malaysian government has put a deal for the experiment in writing and is awaiting word back from the unnamed Russian company.

Reports from Malaysia say the satellite system has already been tested, somewhere in Russian territory.

The Russian company, with Russian government approval, has agreed to provide a demonstration of the system for the Malaysians, according to Malaysian Environmental Minister Law Heing Ding.

"Since it does not cost us anything," Ding said, "there is no harm in allowing them to demonstrate to us.

"The new technology," Ding explained, "uses satellites and not rockets, gigantic fans, airplanes or chemicals."

The environmental minister said that the technology is "strong enough to change weather systems."

Ding said if the system works, Malaysia could invest millions of dollars to create the cyclones to disperse the menacing haze. He added that it is expected that "no significant damage" will be caused by the man-made cyclones.

There have been few reports in the United States about the haze menace or how it might impact upon weather in this country. Debris and haze created by volcanic activity can cause cold weather patterns thousands of miles from an eruption.

U.S. intelligence sources say scientists in Russia have been working on weather control for years. Many reports have appeared stating both the Soviet Union and the United States were engaged in projects to alter and control the weather as weapons of war.

In the November 24 issue of The SPOTLIGHT, Vivian Bird reported on British attempts to create a weather weapon during the early 1950s. Some blame a flood that killed 34 on the experiments.

The test proposed to be undertaken in Malaysia has surprised some Western scientists, who were not aware of the apparent successes in the field of weather control achieved by Russian experts.

Westerners were also amazed that the Russian government has approved releasing the program from beneath the heavy wraps that have concealed their scientific work for decades.