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U.S. Zionists Push New Round of Bullying

  • Members of the plutocratic elite lay out a Clinton doctrine for the president to follow, one which makes the world safe for Israel.
By Paul Croke

In what is apparently a trial balloon, the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR) and the Pro-Israel Lobby in this country have declared war against Iraq.

Robert A. Manning, a senior fellow at the CFR, and Patrick Clawson, director of research at the Washington Institute for Near east Studies, have written an op-ed piece for the Wall Street Journal asking for just that. The Washington Institute is a spin-off of the America Israel Public Affairs Committee, the official lobby for Israel.

In the article they analyze Clinton's foreign policy moves since entering the presidency and find them lacking any "doctrine" such as protecting American sources of oil or simply slapping down dictators who have the gall to defy us.

The dictator in this case is Saddam Hussein. "Saddam's defiance offers the president an opportunity to demonstrate that force is a credible option when vital U.S. interests are at stake".

The other examples of U.S. intervention are discounted as furthering the president's view that conflicts should be worked out by talks, backed up by a military whose purpose is to separate the warring sides, such as in Somalia and the Balkans. They also accuse the president of attempting "nation building," all of which efforts have failed, such as in Haiti.

"The idea of geopolitics are passe. Instead, it's all about geoeconomics. Ideas like 'balance of power must five way to the concept of 'cooperative security,'" which defuses threats "by drawing potentially hostile states into a network of cooperation among a broad group of nations." Clinton has no idea that most nation look to their own interests first, the authors declare, and that his policy will not work on defiant leaders such as Saddam. Thus, we muxt blow him to bits. The authors deplore that Clinton has not bombed Bagdad.

The authors see threats everywhere. Even Modern Europe still carries with it the baggage of "3,000 years of history which suggests "that greed, ambition, rivalry -- the ingredients for conflict -- unfortunately remain intact." the entire continent of Asia, they claim, is also ripe for "old-style conflict -- this time with weapons of mass destruction."

More and more interventions is the gist of the CFR's advice. American troops in 101 countries is not enough, and there is not yet enough violence. Perpetual war for perpetual peace is still the keynote of the internationalist intellectuals who formulate American policy, none of whom have been any closer to a speeding bullet than the nearest gunfight on the streets of New York.