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Lawrence and the 'Swiss Misconnection'

  • More dirt is being uncovered in the background of discredited "Friend of Bill" M. Larry Lawrence.

Former U.S. ambassador to Switzerland, M. Larry Lawrence, was almost thrown out of that country as "unacceptable" shortly before he died.

Lawrence was named to the prestigious job by President Bill Clinton to reward him for his major efforts to elect Clinton to office. During his lifetime -- which was characterized by deceit, fraud and double-dealing -- Lawrence donated millions to the Democratic Party and raised millions from others.

Last issue (December 29, 1997), The SPOTLIGHT exclusively revealed Lawrence's connections to San Diego's corrupt ruling circles.

When ambassador to Switzerland, Lawrence became deeply involved in the extortion attempt by Edgar Bronfman to wheedle some $7 billion out of Swiss banks to "compensate holocaust victims."

The money was to be paid to the American Jewish Committee, of which Bronfman is chairman. Bronfman and Lawrence were to decide who received the money.

This was an audacious scam. Or it would have been, had it succeeded.

Lawrence's activities in Switzerland pursuing this endeavor were so obnoxious and "pushy" that he was summoned to the Swiss Foreign Ministry. He was told that if he did not cease his behavior he would be declared persona non grata and asked to leave.

Lawrence backed down. Shortly after, he died of leukemia.

Thus, another chapter in the life of an extraordinary confidence trickster is brought to light.