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Multiculturalism Could Close The U.S. Down

  • Religious holidays are costing American businesses a bundle. Denying "reasonable accommodation" could be even more costly.
By James P. Tucker, Jr.

When Congress debated establishing a holiday for Martin Luther King Jr., it was argued that each federal holiday costs taxpayers billions of dollars in lost production.

And with multiculturalism becoming trendy, the price goes up. For the business community, it can be not just costly in terms of production, but disruptive as well.

When an employee demands a holiday for a religion the boss has never heard of, what does he do?

If denied, will the employee complain to the trigger-happy Equal Employment Opportunity Commission? Or perhaps bring a "civil rights" case to the Justice Department? Or is his religion a "disability" under the Americans With Disabilities Act?


Even if complaints are frivolous, their nuisance value is high. The cost, including management time and legal fees, to respond to the most absurd complaint is often many times what it would cost to be "accommodating." So, as a practical matter, small businessmen tend to capitulate.