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The SPOTLIGHT March 2, 1998

Arab World Unites Against U.S.; National Integrity Wilting

Once upon a time, America was the only country the Arabs trusted. Then our government lost its integrity.

By Martin Mann

The Arabs did not trust the Germans who were unknown newcomers. Neither did they trust the British who were too well known. The only outsiders they trusted were, believe it or not, Americans.

"I had never fully realized the extent of the prestige and popularity we Yanks enjoyed among the Moslems. They freely gave us information and help -- we were the only people who never had to resort to bribery to get the Arabs to do something special for us."

Those are excerpts from the memoirs of Kenneth Pendar, a Massachusetts-born intelligence officer who served as a U.S. secret agent during World War II in various Arab countries from early 1941 through the late summer of 1943.

"The Arabs also admired our apparently boundless power but did not fear it, because even the most unlettered among them somehow knew that Americans were kindly people, who would never join the long list of their oppressors and exploiters...This sense of power and admiration cling like an invisible halo even to the lowly control officers such as Myself," Pendar wrote.

More than half a century after the young intelligence officer recorded those gratifying observations, the vast Islamic world's proven reserves of goodwill, trust and admiration for Americans have been squandered by a succession of abjectly pro-Israel administrations.

The extent to which the U.S. has forfeited the respect and support of both leaders and ordinary people from Lebanon all the way to the oil-rich, geostrategically vital Gulf, has been strikingly brought home in recent days, when just about every Arab opinion maker and publication denounced the Clinton administration's military preparations.

In legal terms "The use of force against Iraq amounts to brutal, unequivocal aggression...Clinton has no international authority, let alone a UN mandate, for suchh an attack," proclaimed Dr. Hassan Naafa, a respected Egyptian legal analyst and commentator.

"A strike against Iraq will be a rehearsal for one against Iran," warned Rose el-Youssef, the important Gulf daily, in a conclusion that was widely shared by Islamic policy analysts.

Call For Unity

In an unprecedented call for Islamic unity, a number of editorials urged that Arab nations abandon ancient regional rivalries and join forces with Iran against U.S. military intervention.

"Iran must warn the U.S. that Iraq will not be alone if it is forced to fight...If the Arabs and Iran act together some sense may enter the head of the U.S. president." urged Al-Shaab another major Gulf publication.

A peaceful settlement of the Iraqi crisis is the "only way to prevent the Middle East from sinking into chaos," asserted Al-Ahram, Ehypt's moderate, old- line daily, regarded as the largest and most influential publication in the Arab world.

There is no truth in the U.S. claim that Iraq must be bombed order to "diminish its capability to threaten its neighbors," Al-Ahram noted. In reality, "every Arab state with the dubious exception of Kuwait" opposes such an attack.

Arabs will oppose any such military intervention even if the UN Security council comes around to endorsing it, cautioned Al-Ahram, because the loss of U.S. leadership and moral authority has also undermined the world forum's influence in the Islamic world.

The U.S. has "hijacked" the UN Security Council and strong-armed it into an Israeli-inspired strategy of all-out war against Islam, the influential newspaper told its millions of readers. (Al-Ahram is published in English and French editions as well as Arabic.)

"As for Iraq, the UN is now attempting to induce the international community to legitimate Iraq's destruction by the U.S. As for Israel, the UN aims to ensure that all is still and quiet as Palestine is destroyed. Both rivers flow to one sea: Israeli hegemony in the region," concluded Al-Ahram on the 17th of February.

Israel Indicted

Dismissing another attempted U.S. justification for bombing Iraq -- the claim that Saddam Hussein is in violation of some UN resolutions -- the newspaper Al-Mussawar pointed out that "Israel has not only ignored UN resolutions, but it has also refused to implement agreements signed on the White House lawn in the presence of the U.S. president.

But Israel is America's darling," Al-Mussawar asserted. "And the Arabs are expected to prostrate themselves and thank the U.S. for the presence of 'poor little Israel' which possesses only 300 nuclear warheads, arsenals of chemical weapons, the latest warplanes, the heaviest battle tanks and the longest range guns.

The SPOTLIGHT March 2, 1998

Goodies for Israel

Bombing Iraq is only half of Clinton's plan. The other half is more goodies for his favorite ally.

By Mike Blair

Untold millions of dollars in military and medical supplies are flooding into Israel from U.S. stores and warehouses as the Clinton administration prepares to unleash a major assault against Iraq. That's unless Saddam Hussein gives in to demands to allow inspectors free rein within the Middle East country to seek out chemical and biological weapons facilities.

The SPOTLIGHT has received reliable reports that an all-out effort is being made to beef up air defense in Israel with guarantees of air support and Israel with guarantees of air support and "made in USA" anti-aircraft and anti-missile rockets and other weapons.

In addition, Israel has been reportedly shipped vast stores of vaccines to provide protection from Iraqi chemical and biological weapons, which can reach the Middle East ministate if carried by improved-range Iraqi Soviet-designed Scud missiles, which struck at both Israel and U.S. military targets in Saudi Arabia during Operation Desert Storm.

In many instances, sources told The SPOTLIGHT, U.S. stocks of both vaccines and other medical supplies sent to Israel have seriously drawn down stores of the medications that could be needed by U.S. military personnel and even civilians, the latter in the event Iraq might retaliate with a biological or chemical attack on the United States itself or its bases throughout the world.

Among the current items leaving the United States for Israel are thousands of gas masks to protect Israeli citizens and soldiers, which, again sources told The SPOTLIGHT, are seriously drawing down U.S. supplies of the masks.

Chosen First

The Israelis have indicated, according to reports that have reached The SPOTLIGHT, that Jewish citizens of Israel will get the masks first, with Arab and other minorities, as well as visitors to the ministate, being supplied only with any surplus that might remain.

The need of gas masks in Israel is very strange, since almost the end of Operation Desert Storm, during which all Israelis were supplied with masks, U.S. army surplus stores and outlets have been flooded with brand new Israeli gas masks, some selling for under $10.

Advertisements for the Israeli gas masks, as well as a seemingly endless supply of filter canisters, have appeared in dozens of publications offering them for sale.

In this case, Israeli gas masks paid for or provided by U.S. taxpayers during Operation Desert Storm are even now being sold as surplus in the United States while taxpayers are footing the fill for new supplies being shipped to Israel.

The SPOTLIGHT March 2, 1998

Some Congressmen Hip to Budget Fraud

The celebrated balanced budget" is a phony, and a growing number of legislators are beginning to realize it.

By James P. Tucker Jr.

The celebrated "balanced budget' is a mirage, according to leading lawmakers. Instead, it is a lollipop" budget with lollipops for taxpaying suckers, according to Senate Majority Leader Trent Lott (R-Miss.).

Still, Democrats and Republicans are missing the forest for the trees. The budget will not be balanced. It cannot be balanced unless the country is plunged into a depression far worse than anything America has ever experienced.

Since our money is based on debt, the interest on that debt must be paid with more money that is also borrowed. Consequently, the debt has to continue shooting up. So does the interest on the debt, which is the source of the wealth and power of the mattoid conspirators who rule us.

Clinton's budget proposal assumes new taxes unlikely to be approved by Congress and a "tobacco settlement" that may never happen.

Based upon these fond hopes, President Clinton wants to spend money the government may not collect on new programs t which most voters object such as taxpayer-subsidized obscenity.

You're talking about a lollipop budget ... with lollipops for everyone," Lott said.

Funds Aren't There

Clinton is depending on $65 billion from a tobacco settlement to offset most of the cost of new spending, which probably will not occur, Lott said. And this would impose a new deficit.

"I don't see it happening,' Lott said.

"Right now, the tobacco agreement is losing ground, rather than gaining ground," said Rep. John Spratt Jr. (D-S.C.), ranking minority member on the House Budget committee. The payment called for by the government is to offset medical costs incurred in the treatment of smoking-related diseases.

Altogether, the budget calls for $81.5 billion in federal taxes and fees over the next five years -- which is doubtful with a tax-cutting Congress.

New spending of uncertain revenues includes:

  • A $38 million increase, to $136 million, for taxpayer-subsidized "art" through the National Endowment for the Arts. "Art" reluctantly funded by taxpayers in the past included a Crucifix in a bottle of urine and a bullwhip protruding from a homosexual's rectum.
  • Federal daycare services would be funded at $22 billion on the theory that "it takes a government" to raise your child. This program is dear to world government advocates as children are taught to "pledge allegiance to the Earth" (a UN program).
  • Food stamps would be restored to 800,000 legal immigrants who lost them in the 1996 welfare reform legislation. Many came to this country to feed at the taxpayers' trough, not to contribute to society.
  • Foreign aid is increased to $20.15 billion, up from $18.6 billion. This does not include nearly $1 billion for current UN "assessments" or another $1 billion in "arrears," which will be requested under separate legislation. The United States funds the lion's share of UN operations.

Clinton's $1.7 trillion budget proposal was termed "absolutely preposterous" by Sen Pete Domenici (R-N.M.), Senate Budget Committee Chairman. "Where will the money come from? he asked.

"The American people don't want new taxes and they don't want new government programs," said Rep. Tom ?Delay (Texas), House Republican whip.

"We can't go back to the days of sky-rocketing government spending," said House Majority Leader Dick Armey (R-Texas). "But that is exactly what the president has proposed."

The SPOTLIGHT March 2, 1998

Eyewitness to Politically Incorrect History

Much has been written, talked about and shown on TV involving "Nazi Gold" and how certain Jews are trying to get it. Yet, no one in the mainstream media drops a hint or question as how these certain Jews acquired such wealth in the continent of Europe, especially Eastern Europe, which was not so rich; Romania, for instance.

By Roman Domenchuk

Some of you may not believe or accept this story. That is your prerogative. What I am Writing is from my own experience of what happened many years ago, which I never can forget.

In 1932 when I was in my teens, my older sister, Elisabeth, just finished gymnasium (comparable to a combination of senior high school and junior college in the United States.-Ed.) and tried to open a general store in a small town named Vyzhnytsya, in the province of Bukovyna, in western Ukraine. At that time this province was under Romanian occupation since 1919. (Treaty f Versailles.- Ed).

No matter how hard Elisabeth tried to obtain the necessary license to open the store in this town, she could not get it, even from the provincial administration. It was because our town, like any other town in this province, was under strict Jewish control, and they did not allow or want any Christian business competition. It took her and my oldest brother, Michael, three years to get the license, and at that they had to bribe high ranking Romanian officials.

In 1935, the store was opened on the corner of Main and School Streets. It prospered very well despite Jewish ugly threats, boycotts, and vandalism. By 1939, the store, which was well established, was patronized by Christians only. At that time, the merchandise in the store was worth between $35,000 and $50,000.

In September of that same year, my brother Michael was assassinated by a person or persons whose identity was not discovered by the local authorities. That devastated our family.

Soviet Occupation

Early in the morning, on Wednesday, June 26, 1940, there was a great Jewish commotion in town. About 50 Jewish communists wearing red armbands and carrying large red flags came marching through the town to the former Polish border.

At 2 pm, the Jewish communists were at the border bridge to welcome the three Soviet T34 tanks crossing from Poland into our town, Vyzhnytsya. Soviet occupational armed forces soon followed to annex the provinces of Bukovyna and Bessarabia to the Soviet Union.

Red armbands, the signs of authority, were worn by the four Jewish activists then they came that following Friday, June 28, 1940, to enter my sister's store. I knew them all. They were from our town. One stood with his rifle ass another one declared, "By current law you do not own this property anymore. Hand over the keys, or we will take you to jail."

With astonishment and fright Elisabeth handed her keys to them. As one of them took her by the arm and led her out the door, another one took me and almost carried me outside by my collar. We were both crying when they locked up the doors. The one with the rifle threatened us not to make any trouble. We walked home to our adjacent village, fearful and sad.

That Monday Elizabeth was back in town looking for authoritative help, but to no avail, the Romanian authorities had fled. We were left at the mercy of the Jews. There was none.

My younger sister, Tonya, and I went to town to look over the new "rulers." As we passed by the store, I noticed that the padlock was missing from the door. I opened the outer door to look inside and found that the entire store was empty.

Money Gone

While we were still in town we saw that the banks were closed, and later found out that all the money from the townspeople was gone. At that time and even now, as an older, wiser person, I wonder, "How many such incidents were repeated throughout this area and other places?"

Without my knowledge, my family decided to abandon our new house with 15 hectares (about 1,650 square yards.-Ed.) Of beautiful arable land to flee the Bolsheviks' terror. So, on November 21, 1940, my mother older brother, younger and older sisters, the latter with her husband, fled to Romania and on to Germany.

I was left at home, alone, to take care of the property, only to find it confiscated from me. The communists forced me to live in the dormitory of the school which I attended. In 1942, after I finished school, I joined the army to fight the communist terror. To my utter sadness, in 1962, I found out the fate of my relatives.

My mother died heartbroken; my sister and her husband were executed on March 15, 1945.. Their heads were cut off and brought to Vyzhnytsya for display. My younger sister spent 10 years of forced labor in Siberia finishing the Trans- Siberian Road, and was forbidden to return to her beloved land of Bukovyna.

I traveled around until I found a quiet and just place. But now I doubt this can be so, as I see the history of that terror repeat itself.

The SPOTLIGHT March 9, 1998

Schumer Aims Gun Proposal At Vets Next

The leading gun grabber in Congress is at it again.

By Mike Blair

Rep. Charles Schumer (D-N.Y.) Is setting his sights to ban a famous World War II and Korean War era relic, the M-1 carbine, one of the most famous military firearms in U.S. history.

With more than 6 million produced by the end of World War II, when production was officially stopped, more M-1 carbines were manufactured than any other U.S. military small arm in America's first two centuries.

Recently Schumer and 22 other anti-gun members of Congress sent a letter to acting Secretary of the Army Robert M. Walker asking that the sale of M-1 carbines through the Army's civilian Marksmanship Program (CMP) be prohibited.

The CMP offers civilians who wish to participate in its program the opportunity to purchase obsolete surplus M-1 Garand 30-06 caliber rifles and .30 caliber carbines.

This program was established for the purpose of keeping America ready for war by helping to ensure that its citizens are proficient in the use of firearms. The M-1 carbines are highly prized by collectors as a piece of American history and can be found in their gun cabinets and safes by the hundreds of thousands.

It isn't surprising that the CMP, which has been offering the carbines for sale through gun clubs since 1985 is under attack by Schumer and other anti-gun cranks.

The M-1 in the model issued to the public is a semiautomatic weapon, which fires single shots with each squeeze of the trigger. Actually, a more accurate term for this type of firearm is "self-loading." After a cartridge is fired another is loaded in its place by the gun's mechanism from a clip-type magazine.

Many anti-gunners of the Schumer clique contend that the little carbines are flooding America's streets, presenting a danger to public safety. Actually, nothing could be farther from the truth. Rarely has a criminal opted to use the M-1 carbine, or any other self-loading rifle for that matter, as the weapon of choice.

Version Protected

A replica version of the M-1 carbine, which was produced by the Iver Johnson Firearms Company, is specifically "protected" under the 1994 so-called Clinton Gun Ban, which was attached to that year's Omnibus Anti-Crime Bill.

A "Dear Colleague" letter sent by Schumer to his fellow congressmen in April 1994 said the then-proposed gun ban "explicitly exempts by make and model, 670 hunting and recreational rifles and shotguns..." Item number 5 on the list is the Iver Johnson replica M-1 carbine.

The Iver Johnson is virtually a double of the military issued carbine and the magazines used in both are identical.

Seventeen of the 23 members of Congress signing the letter to Walker approved the gun ban bill and at the same time exempted the carbine. The other six congressmen had not yet been elected to office.

The SPOTLIGHT March 9, 1998

Diplomacy Averts Clinton Disaster

Pro-war special interests offered America dangerous, poor advice.

By Martin Mann

By merely spending a weekend in Baghdad and sitting down for a round of polite talks with the leaders of Iraq, UN Secretary-General Kofi Annan "deflated" the latest Gulf crisis.

"This was a staged war scare, a frenzy of false fears and threats blown up out of all proportion by U.S. politicians and the press," says Alain de Segonzac, the dean of French foreign correspondents and a longtime confidant of French President Jacques Chirac.

Other observers expressed similar views, often adding -- when assured that they were talking "for background only" - that all-out air war against Iraq was being "drummed up and pushed on Clinton by the heavy hitters of the Israel lobby," as one veteran Washington insider put it.

Even a random sampling of Iraq crisis coverage in mainstream publications provided more than enough evidence to bear out this conclusion.

It also explained some of the favored treatment the ministate gets in the U.S. media by revealing that at leading news organizations it was often the top managers in charge who turned out to be the most fervent Zionists, an informal SPOTLIGHT survey suggested.

"LET THE BOMBING BEGIN" urged an editorial on February 11 in the Wall Street Journal, setting the tone for war hawk treatment of the crisis by this daily.

The strident call for all-out war against Iraq was written by one of the paper's most powerful executive, Karen Elliott House, president of Dow Jones International.

Echoing the "smash and burn" tactics used by the Israeli government for settling regional disputes, Ms. House warned that the Clinton administration had "no other option left" but to launch a no-holds-barred attack "punishing enough to extract even more Iraqi casualties' than Desert Storm (the Gulf war of 1990-91) did.

Inhuman Extermination

Will the nation stand for such merciless devastation? Well, the time has come when Americans must learn "to look day after day upon the bodies of innocent Iraqi civilians" and be glad that they are not the bodies of innocent Kuwaitis or Israelis, Ms House urged.

How can such inhuman aerial extermination warfare against a poor, fenced-in, defeated and almost wholly disarmed nation be justified?

Easily, Ms. House argued. "The central fact is that Saddam Hussein has chemical and biological weapons and an unquestioned will to use them in war and in terrorism ... even the U.S. isn't secure from such attacks."

But highly placed regional observers countered that the so-called "central facts" cited by such editorials are not facts at all.

"There is no proof, no a scintilla of hard evidence for any such assertions, cautioned Dr. Abd el-Magid, secretary-general of the Arab League and a respected spokesman for the oil-rich Gulf nations in Iraq's vicinity, including Saudi Arabia and other regional U.S. allies.

"The truth is Saddam Hussein has no more warlike designs of offensive plans," added this Middle eastern statesman. "Although Iraq has been greatly weakened, the Israelis still claim that it's a 'threat' to is neighbors, I can assure the world that no such threat exists."

By now, not even the majority of UN Security council members believe that America's accusations against the Iraqi government are true," he said.

But true of false, top U.S. news managers such as A.M. "Abe" Rosenthal, former editor-in-chief of the New York Times (and still its trend-setting editorial columnist continued to echo Israel's calls for smashing the Iraqi people's remaining lifelines.

"An attack on Iraq will not serve the U.S. national interest," warned el-Magid. "It will merely inflame the already overheated tensions in the Middle East and destroy what is left of goodwill toward America in the region."

The SPOTLIGHT March 9, 1998

Patriot Demands Congress Work For America, Asks Wisconsin To Sue U.N. Secretary-General

Some citizens are sick and tired of watching internationalists seize U.S. sovereignty. On October 29, 1997, Archibald E. Roberts, speaking on behalf of the Committee to Restore the Constitution, offered Wisconsin lawmakers a plan of action to stop the New World Order in its tracks. Roberts appeared before the State-Federal Relations committee State Rep. Gregg A. Underheim, chaired the meeting at the state capital.

Chairman Underheim and members of the State-Federal Relations Committee, I am Archibald Roberts, director of the Committee to restore the Constitution Fort Collins, Colorado.

I am here also on behalf of other Wisconsin citizens, some of whom are here today, who seek appropriate action by this Committee and by the State of Wisconsin, legislative action to expose and neutralize the men and the system engaged in a conspiracy to overthrow the Constitution of the United states and erect a United Nations new world order on the ruins of the Republic.

Mr. Chairman and members, I testify in support of Assembly Joint Resolution 67.

First, the citizens of Wisconsin want this Committee, and the State Legislature, to approve Assembly Joint Resolution 67, which states in part, "memorializing members of Congress to cease certain activities concerning the United Nations and directing distribution."

Mr. Chairman, you are the sponsor of this resolution, with other co-sponsors in House and Senate, Wisconsin State Legislature.

For purpose of record I include a portion of Assembly Joint Resolution 67, which states as follows, and I quote:

"Resolved that the Assembly, the Senate concurring that the legislature of the State of Wisconsin memorialize the U.S. Congress to cease appropriating US funds for any military activity that Congress has not authorized. To cease engaging in military activity under the authority of the United Nations or any world body. To cease giving aid to any activity under the jurisdiction of the United Nations and to cease supporting the establishment of a new world order or any form of global government, and to refrain from taking any further steps toward the economic political merger of the United States into a world body or any form of world government."

It is important that the political reality of the United Nations' new world order be realized. That is the purpose of this hearing, Mr. Chairman. We appreciate the opportunity to bring the facts about the United Nations before the legislators of the State of Wisconsin.

The authority for this meeting is two-fold. First, the people from whom flow all political power. The citizens of the State of Wisconsin have the responsibility to instruct their elected officials in the State of Wisconsin to direct their agents in Washington to confine the functions of government to limitations defined in the Constitution.

Secondly, the State. The original 13 States, Mr. Chairman and members, created the federal government by the first three articles of the Constitution establishing the Executive, Legislative and Judicial Departments. Therefore, the States are the principals under this contract and are not subservient to agencies or agents in Washington. Every succeeding State entered the Union of States on an equal footing with every other State.

Sue Annan

It is incumbent upon the state of Wisconsin, as a principal under the constitutional contract to correct violations of that contract, and to do it in a manner compatible with the authority of the Constitution. It is a further request of the citizens of the State of Wisconsin, that the Federal-State Legislative Committee amend Assembly Joint Resolution 67 to add instructions to Wisconsin Attorney General James Doyle that he file in the supreme court of the United States a Complaint for Declaratory Judgment Injunctive and Other Equitable Relief against Mr. Kofi Annan, Secretary General, United Nations Organization.

Authority for State filing in the Supreme court is found under "original jurisdiction." Original jurisdiction is defined in Article III, Section 2, states:

"In all cases affecting ambassadors and other public ministers and counsels and those in which a state shall be a party, the Supreme Court shall have original jurisdiction.

Original jurisdiction. Mr. chairman, and members of this Committee, you have the authority and responsibility to initiate corrective action by bringing into court, the Supreme Court of the United States, the director of the United Nations Organization.

The procedure, that is the method by which this is and can be done, is outlined in detail in a 30 page brief prepared by Judge J.J. Goesel, retired, in which it is specifically pointed out that Articles 36 and 43 of the UN Charter are unconstitutional, because they amend the Constitution without consent of 3/4 of the States in violation of the prohibitions of Article V, Constitution of the United States Laws passed under authority of the UN Treaty are unconstitutional for the same reason. I refer you to Reid v.Covert, 354 USI 1957:

"It would be manifestly contrary tot he objectives of those who created the Constitution let alone alien to our entire constitutional history and tradition to construe Article VI (the Supremacy Clause) as permitting the United States to exercise power under an international agreement without observing constitutional prohibitions. In effect, such construction would permit amendment of that document in a manner not sanctioned by Article V. EVIDENCE

It is important to provide evidence, documentary evidence, in presenting these serious charges. First I bring to your attention the fact that the Senate of the United states has declared that the Charter of the United Nations has become the supreme law of the land." (Senate Document 87, "Review of the United Nations charter," p. 289.) Members of the senate of the United States have violated their oath of office to defend and preserve the Constitution of the United States.

Senate Document 87 further states, "the position of this country," that is the United States, "in the family of nations forbids trafficking in innocuous generalities but demands that every State in the Union," including Wisconsin, "accept and act upon the Charter according to its plain language and unmistakable purpose and direction."

Mr. chairman and members, this is treason. We are dealing with violations of the constitution on a grand scale to change this Republic into a world government body. As a matter of fact, we have evidence to show the involvement of the highest ranking members of Congress and the administration in this conspiracy.

One of these exhibits is Senate Joint Resolution 65, March 16, 1993, "Establishing a commission to study the establishment of an international military force under the United Nations Charter." This is a document, this is not an opinion, this is a document. Being a document it is important that it be taken seriously.

Senate Joint Resolution 65 states in part:

Whereas under Article 43 of the United Nations charter, the Secretary General is authorized to negotiate agreements for the creation of a multinational standing military force, to be used for peacekeeping and peace enforcement. There is established the 'Commission on United States Participation in a Permanent United Nations Peacekeeping Force.'

I further point out, Mr. Chairman and members of the committee, Presidential Decision directive 25, dated May 3, 1994, is classified. Not even members of congress have a complete copy of this Presidential Declaration. I have a State Department Summary as published in one of our Bulletins. This document reveals transfer of command and control of U.S. forces to the Security Council, United Nations.

U.N. Treaty

Presidential Decision Directive 25, Article V, states, and I quote:

"Our policy will be on a case by case basis, the President will consider placing appropriate US forces under the operational control of a competent UN commander for specific UN operations authorized by the UN Treaty.

As you see, the alleged authority for treasonous Senate Joint Resolution 65, and Presidential Decision Directive 25, is the United Nations Treaty.

Gentlemen, I have here a copy of the United Nations Treaty and quote specific UN articles affecting transfer of U.S. military forces to United Nations Security Council Command.

Article 25, "The Members of the United Nations agree to accept and carry out decisions of the Security Council in accordance with the present Charter."

Article 26, "In order to promote the establishment and maintenance of international peace and security with the least diversion for armaments of the world's human and economic resources, the security Council shall be responsible for formulating, with the assistance of the Military Staff committee referred to in Article 47, plans to be submitted to the Members of the United Nations for the establishment of a system for the regulation of armaments."

Article 43, "All Members of United Nations, in order to contribute to the maintenance of international peace and security, undertake to make available to the Security council, on its call and in accordance with a special agreement or agreements, armed forces, assistance, and facilities, including rights of passage, necessary for the purpose of maintaining international peace and security."

New World Order

Mr Chairman, the prosecution has revealed that the United Nations Charter is, in reality, a constitution for a "New World Order."

The prosecution has shown that the United Nations objective is to exploit the United States military to force all nations into line and deliver them up to a world government.

The prosecution has demonstrated that federal agents have contrived to establish a "world government administration" in Washington.

In consonance with evidence of gross violation of the oath of office, "To Defend and Preserve the constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic," by elected officials, citizens of Wisconsin request that this State-Federal Relations committee initiate the following corrective actions:

  • Amend Assembly Joint Resolution 67, adding instructions to Attorney General James Doyle that he file in the Supreme court of the United States, "A Complaint for Declaratory Judgment, Injunctive and Other Equitable Relief," against Mr. Kofi Annan, Secretary General, United Nations Organization, under authority of "original jurisdiction," Article III, Section 2, constitution of the United States. Instrument for State Legislative action is a 30 page legal brief prepared by Judge J.J. Boesel, retired.
  • Present amended Assembly Joint Resolution 67 to Senate and House, Wisconsin State Legislature, for approval and appropriate action. Chairman Underheim and members of the Committee, your constituents ask you to protect their families and property against a predatory "world government administration" in Washington.

Citizens of Wisconsin request that you begin the process of terminating United Nations operations in the United States and recover billions of taxdollars illegally granted to the United Nations by congress in violations of their oath to "protect and preserve the Constitution."

THE SPOTLIGHT March 16, 1998

Vets Snubbed For King

If two senators have their way, M.L. King Jr. will join Washington, Jefferson, and Lincoln.

By Fred Blahut

One of the most prestigious places for a national memorial is what is known as the Mall in Washington, D.C. Until recently, the Mall's most prominent feature was the Washington Monument. Then the government gave away a large parcel for the U.S. Holocaust, Memorial Museum.

Now, there are two more proposals for monuments on the Mall, one stalled and one progressing.

First we have the proposed World war II Memorial Sponsors were hoping to locate it between the Lincoln Memorial and the Washington Monument. But that plan ran into some stiff resistance. Now it appears Congress will not approve a WWII memorial which would interrupt a currently unobstructed view of the Lincoln Memorial from the Washington Monument.

And that should have been that. But the Mall is apparently just too inviting; all that open land in the heart of the nation's capital; the prestige; the prominence.

On February 23, Sen. Paul Sarbanes (D-Md.), joined by Sen John Warner (R- Va.) Introduced Senate Joint Resolution (S.J. Res.)41, approving the location of a Martin Luther King Jr. memorial. The location, as suggested by the secretary of the Interior, is know as "Area I."

According to an Interior spokesperson, "Area I" is the Mall and its immediate environs.

It is not well known, but the authorization for a memorial to King is already law. Section 508 of the Omnibus Parks and Public Lands Management Act of 1996 authorized the Alpha Phi Alpha fraternity to establish a memorial to King in Washington.

The commemorative works Act provides that the location of a commemorative work in the area described as Area I "shall be deemed not authorized unless approved by law no later than 150 days after notification to Congress that the secretary of the Interior recommends location of the commemorative work in Area I..."

Secretary Bruce Babbitt has notified congress that he thinks Area I would be just dandy.

You may wish to drop your senators and your representative a line or give them a call and ask how they feel about the King Memorial.

The SPOTLIGHT March 16, 1998

Is Your Friend Ma Bell A Lesbian?

Homosexual activists often use the power of the government and media to try to force society to accept their behavior. But the homosexual lobby is also active in corporate America.

By The Family Research Council

Some companies are actively promoting the homosexual agenda through direct financial support, advertising campaigns and corporate policies such as extending domestic partner benefits to homosexuals.

One of the companies most actively pushing the homosexual agenda is AT&T. The communications giant's pro-homosexual activities include:

  • Support of "homosexual marriage": According to Diversity Digest, a publication of AT&T's Information research Center, the Lesbian, Bisexual and Gay United Employees at AT&T (LEAGUE) held a conference in which members were encouraged to "help devise a legal definition of marriage, so the company can work on extending domestic partner benefits to employees in states that do not recognize marriages between same-gender partners" (Diversity Digest August 1994, p 10).
  • Homosexual direct mail advertising: Last year AT&T sent about 70,000 direct mail packages targeted at homosexuals. The package included brochures featuring smiling homosexual couples and a flier about AT&T's homosexual couples and a flier about AT&T's homosexual employee group. The materials were sent in envelopes decorated with a rainbow-colored telephone cord and the phrase, "It's time for a change..." (Washington Blade June 10, 1994, p.23).
  • Indoctrination of employees: AT&T has held workshops and "diversity training" sessions in an effort to force employees to accept homosexuality. The company has used Brian McNaught's video, On being Gay in these workshops. The video is filled with workshops. The video is filled with misleading claims and presents homosexuality as a normal, healthy lifestyle.
      McNaught, who has done several workshops for AT&T, shows his bias against those who hold traditional religious values in his book, Gay Issues in the workplace. McNaught links religious conviction with hate and bigotry. He suggests that people who hold strong religious convictions need "counseling" (p.100). He shows contempt for those who hold traditional family values by suggesting that these values fuel "anti-gay bias."
      The following endorsement by an AT&T official appears on the back on McNaught's book: "Every manager and employee who takes our course on 'Homophobia in the Workplace' will receive a copy of this book. Brian McNaught has an incredible skill in helping people understand and respond to gay issues in a non threatening way" (Sheila Landers, Personnel Services Manager at AT&T Network Systems).
      AT&T has also urged employees to observe Gay and Lesbian Awareness Week and to place posters and pink triangles on walls to show that the office is "gay friendly."
  • Support of "The Gay Games": According to Businessweek magazine, AT&T helped sponsor a series of sporting events featuring 11,000 athletes and a budget of $6.5 million. Businessweek described the "Gay Games" as "less a series of sporting events than a nine-day celebration of culture, complete with parades, plays, music, art shows and food feasts" (Businessweek July 4, 1994, p.38).
  • Donations to the Gay Men's health Crisis: According to Brenda Leake of AT&T, the company gave $25,000 to the Gay Men's health Crisis in 1992. Among other things, GMHC distributes graphic, sexually explicit material to young people in an attempt to "educate" them about the dangers of AIDS. The bruchures encourage young people to engage in dangerous and perverse sexual practices.


Proponents of pro-homosexual policies cite the need to be "tolerant" of other people. But the question is not one of civil rights or ending "bigotry." Homosexuals have the same rights as any other Americans, but are seeking special privileges.

Christians and other believers in traditional morality are coming under enormous pressure at AT&T and other corporations to ignore their most deeply held beliefs. "Diversity" sessions that attack or distort Scripture ad church teachings constitute religious harassment.

The real issue is whether or not people will be forced to accept homosexual behavior, something that no successful culture has ever done. Homosexual behavior is not normal or healthy. Opposition to the homosexual agenda in not bigotry; it is common sense.

If you are concerned about At&T's promotion of the homosexual agenda, contact them to express your concern. Tell AT&T that it is irresponsible to promote an immoral and unhealthy lifestyle. AT&T should incorporate policies that strengthen the family, not undermine it.

Write: Robert F. Allen, chairman of the board and chief executive officer, AT&T, 32 Avenue of the Americas, New York, N.Y. 10013; (212) 841-4600.

The SPOTLIGHT March 16, 1998

Evidence Suggests Israel, Not Iraq, Is The Real Danger In Middle East

When is a freedom fighter a terrorist? Hypocrisy and power usually make this determination.

By Donald A. Martin

We shall return to the question of organized Jewry, and positions on Semitism and anti-Semitism, then and now, during this century. As one reads various commentaries on the United states, What does strike forcibly is that the Zionist lobby, organized Jewry, has indeed established a vice-like grip on the corridors of power in the United States.

This is exercised through organizations such as the America Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC) and the Anti-Defamation League (the ADL), now also active in the United Kingdom). It is a simple statement of fact and analysis.

At the time of the election of United States President Bill Clinton to his first term in office in 1992, the Jewish Chronicle reported quite openly his affiliation with, and dependence on, the American Jewish community. We are thus in a position to see the contrast between the continuing United States- sponsored oppression of the Palestinian people in Israel, and attitudes toward the former apartheid regime in South Africa.

When the Palestinians, driven by oppression after century-old plans for the sequestration of their land came to fruition, resisted, they were condemned as "terrorists," whereas they wee technically freedom fighters forced -- with the convenient interjection of the Soviet communist system -- to adopt terrorist methods.

When the African National congress (ANC), dominated, trained and supplied by the same communist system, launched their armed struggle in 1984, they were depicted as freedom fighters regardless that they terrorized and liquidated far more of their own kind than white South Africans.

Forbidden Info

What we were not allowed to know, or allowed to debate, was that his campaign had been financed by huge amounts of Western money and that substantial connections existed between the Marxist ANC and the Marxist Sinn Fein-IRA who have been waging a philosophically identical campaign against the United Kingdom and the Irish Republic.

Some repetition of earlier positions is unavoidable because they are basic to understanding the iniquities of the global power play. Under a veneer of human 'rights" -- and we should now wee for how little these count in practice -- public outrage ws mobilized on a massive scale against the apartheid regime. Carefully concealed was de facto collaboration between the global power brokers and the Soviet Union.

The idea was to bring South Africa economically to its knees, and so in the classic way "open up its markets" and exploitation of its vast natural resources for the financial and commercial institutions of the "international community". The chicken-and-egg morals and motivation of these last 30 years of south African history may be argued, but who now hears of concerns for the continuing plight of black South Africans, the collapse of law and order, liberal-libertarian legislation that is leading to an astronomical rise in HIV infection, corruption rife in every walk of life, or a Marxist-style constitution forced through Parliament in May 1996?

But what one also looks for are other, corroboration signs of the "global hand" in this process. Sure enough, this was revealed in issue number 6 of 1997 of the South African Christian newsletter Signposts; a non-partisan publication of almost Puritanical objectivity. Education tends to be of a high standard in a disciplined society, given an obvious tendency concurrently to cultivate a particular mind set in conformity with the prevailing culture. We know, too, that standards generally have been deliberately and progressively debased in parts of the Christian West.

Now, south Africa is to follow this pattern with the introduction of Outcomes Based Education(OBE), imported form the United States. Described in Signposts as "the centerpiece of world-class education reform," OBE us clearly part of the calculated global dumbing-down process that undermines the entire concept of conventional skills, individual achievement, competition and the right to be taught one's own language, culture, religion and moral values.

As a global pattern this is typical of the area we should be examining; the reason for it, and exactly who and what forces lie behind it. It goes far beyond simple hypocrisy, allowing that it is well concealed by hypocrisy. Of those inclined to cynicism one must ask just how much circumstantial evidence is necessary before a specific pattern of global power is proven?

The SPOTLIGHT March 23, 1998

Vets Get Short End Of Stick

The government has come up with a nifty new way of saving money: Deny vets medical care.


Thanks to the veterans' Health Care Reform Act (P.L. 104-262) many veterans may find themselves finessed out of health care benefits.

P.L. 104-262 provides that "effective on October 1. 1998, the Secretary may not provide hospital care or medical services to a veteran...unless the veteran enrolls in the system of patient enrollment established by the Secretary."

Therefore all veterans, even those who do not now have health problems, must enroll at their nearest Veterans Administration hospital before October 1, 1998 in order to remain eligible for health care in the future. Enrollment consists of filling out and signing an enrollment form.

You may wish to call the department of Veterans' Affairs (1-800-827-1000) if you have any further questions.

The SPOTLIGHT March 23, 1998

Puerto Rico Statehood Is N.W.O. Tool

The hidden hand of the Bilderberg group lies behind the drive for a 51st state.

By James P. Tucker, Jr.

The campaign for Puerto Rico statehood is not about "rights" but about neutralizing America's sovereignty in a grandiose plan to introduce world government.

"Liberty Lobby was right from the start," said a State Department official who volunteered this view.

He was referring to one of the first issues the populist Institution faced in its infancy, when President Dwight Eisenhower was pushing statehood for Alaska and Hawaii.

In 1958, Willis A. Carto, for Liberty Lobby, testifying against the admission of Hawaii and Alaska as states, told Congress:

"The test for statehood should be, first and foremost, absolute physical integration. The swift airplane flight, rapid telephonic and instantaneous radio contact is of no import, for this is not the mastic which cements the states together in this union. It is the network of roads, highways, railroads, and state boundary contacts that effects the closeness of unity upon which a nation depends for survival. These are the ever-growing, interlacing sinews of communications which have built in the past and continue to built each day the vitally important, close contacts of daily life that are necessary for national cohesion and harmonious action.

Those reasons apply even more to Puerto Rico.

"Once the precedent is set, that a non-contiguous territory can vote itself statehood, what is to stop an onslaught of countries from proclaiming statehood in America?" Carto asked.

Puerto Rico doesn't share a common culture with the United States. Most Puerto Ricans speak only Spanish. Their roots go back to Spain, not the Jamestown colony or Plymouth Rock.

"That's the strategy,' the official said. "Statehood for Puerto Rico would dilute America's culture, identification and identity. The only thing they would have in common with America would be the lion's share of food stamps."

Legislation permitting Puerto Rico to choose to become a state passed the House by a single vote; Senate Majority Leader Trent Lott (R-Miss.) Has pronounced it dead in the Senate this year.

"But dare not become complacent; fight this statehood thing now because it's a fight for the very soul of America," the State Department source said.

By letting Spanish cultures into the Union, the public mind is conditioned to accept the Bilderberg goal of establishing the American Union, similar to the European Union -- a major step toward world government, the official said.

"Unlike in the Irish potato famine of 1848, or the great immigration of Europeans at the turn of the century, Puerto Ricans are not going to love the flag, learn the language and contribute to society," he said. "Look at what happened at that soccer match in Los Angeles."

He was referring to February 15, when the United States soccer team played Mexico. The 91,000-seat Los Angeles Coliseum was packed with Mexican-Americans jeering the American flag, scornfully shouting down the national anthem in Spanish and pelting the American players.

"The only thing they like about America is welfare, food stamps and Medicaid, the official said. "We see this burning hatred for the country that gives them so much in California because we have failed to protect our borders. Now those fools want to invite Puerto Rico."

In the past, Puerto Rico has rejected statehood for selfish reasons: as "citizens" they enjoy welfare generosity - more per capita than anywhere else -- without having to pay income taxes. In the last vote, in 1993, statehood was rejected 48 percent to 46 percent.

But even if the vote should shift to slightly favor statehood, Puerto Rico would hardly be a hotbed of patriotism, he pointed out.

"Puerto Ricans will be as loyal to the United States as Quebec is to Canada," he said, referring to the secessionist movement of French-speaking Québécois.

And, in a 1959 Liberty Lobby "White Paper" on the possibility of independence or statehood for Puerto Rico, Carto said:

"Statehood should be granted only when the United States benefits measurably by it...not on the basis of alleged benefits to the new state."

International corporations have heavy investments in Puerto Rico because of the benefits of being in an American territory without such obligations as taxes. Corporations can also pay lower wages in territories.

Yet there is strong support for statehood from the secretive Bilderberg group even if immense profits are curbed, because of the higher goal of a world government and "diverse" society, he said.

The SPOTLIGHT March 23, 1998

Clinton Stonewalling On Whitewater Works; Republicans Fear Retaliation

Once upon a time, Americans wouldn't argue with success. Try explaining that to the Justice Department's independent counsel probing the Clintons' White water deal.

By Andrew Arnold

Although Independent Counsel Kenneth Starr has racked up three convictions and 10 guilty pleas in the three-and-a-half years he has investigated the Whitewater deal, pollsters say nearly 60 percent of Americans Starr has "gone overboard.

Presidential defenders have engaged in personal attacks on Starr. For instance, the first lady has linked Starr to a "right-wing conspiracy." James Carville has accused the independent counsel of being "obsessed with sex."

Carville, Bill Clinton's chief flak during the bimbo eruptions of the 1992 presidential campaign, has once again drawn attention from White House sexcapades, lies and charges of obstruction of justice.

The first two issues may simply be moral lapses, but the third is a felony. In addition, Many expect Hillary Clinton to be indicted for her role in Whitewater malfeasance once all the facts are in.

The Whitewater investigation started as a probe of a bad land deal in 1994. Starr was charged with an examination of whether:

"...Any individuals or entities have committed a violation of federal criminal law, other than a Class B or C misdemeanor or infraction, relating in any way to James B. McDougal's, President William Jefferson Clinton's, or Mrs Hillary Rodham Clinton's relationships with Madison guaranty Savings and Loan Association, Whitewater Development corporation, or Capital Management Services, Inc.

Since then, a three judge panel has allowed Starr to delve into a number of Clinton scandals including:

  • The misdeeds of some Clinton cronies in Little Rock, Arkansas;
  • Travelgate -- administration officials lying about the firing of White House travel office staff;
  • Filegate -- the White House improperly receiving the FBI files of Republicans;
  • The White House arranging for hush money to be paid to former Associate Attorney General Webb Hubbell;
  • Vince Foster's death; and
  • Monicagate -- allegations the president had sexual relations with an intern, Monica Lewinsky, and that Bill Clinton and/or his Bilderberg sponsor, Vernon Jordan, asked Miss Lewinsky to lie to Paula Jones' lawyers about the case. Mrs Jones charges the president sexually harassed her when she worked for Arkansas and he was the governor.

Clinton supporters regularly release misinformation about the cost of the investigation, stonewall investigators and lie to the public. For example, critics say Starr and Co. Have wasted more than $40 million on nothing.

The fact is, Starr and Co. have won three convictions and 10 guilty pleas. Those brought to justice include a sitting governor, ex-Gov. Jim Tucker (D- Ark.), and a high Justice Department official, former Assistant Attorney General Webb Hubbell. The actual cost of the investigation was closer to $26 million as this issue of The SPOTLIGHT goes to press.

As far as independent counsel investigations go, the Whitewater probe is the second most successful ever, where success is determined by convictions or guilty pleas.

Still, a prominent Republican senator recently attacked Starr's efforts. Senate Majority Leader Trent Lott(R-Miss.) Told a national audience Starr should fish or cut bait.

"If he's (Starr) got something, go forward with it," Lott said on Evans & Novak. 'He needs to wrap it up, show what he's got, indict, convict people or, if he doesn't, close it out."

Most Republicans were quick to separate themselves from Lott's statement.

Many wonder why the Senate majority leader would want to take the heat off the leader of the opposition party. One possibility paints an ugly picture for Washington.

The nation's capital has run amok in recent weeks with rumors that the democrats have used private investigators to delve into deals cut by Republicans and sexual dalliances by prominent GOP members. Rumor has it the Clintons could take a sizable number of politicians with them if they were forced out of office.

One of the scandals probed by Starr was "Filegate." The Clinton administration took information from some 900 FBI files of Republicans soon after taking office.

Other Republicans have responded, "Damn the torpedoes! Full speed ahead!"

"Republicans should be encouraging the president to tell the truth and not urging Ken Starr to short-circuit his investigation,' says Sen. John Ashcroft (R-Mo.) "We don't need political interference in a serious criminal investigation."

Former federal prosecutor Rep. Bob Barr (R-Ga.)says Starr's pace is understandable. "The targets have thrown up so many roadblocks, it's inevitable the investigation has to take a long time," he said.

Even Clinton ally House Speaker Newt Gingrich (R-Ga.) Has come out in favor of Starr.

"I don't think Starr should move a step faster than he needs to or a step slower," Gingrich told the Washington Times. "I think he ought to go at the pace justice dictates, not the pace that public relations dictates."

Then, on Monday, March 9, Lott made an abrupt about-face, calling a press conference to express his support for Starr and urge that the independent counsel'[s investigation not end "until all the evidence has been acquired, until the work can be completed."

In the meantime, Gingrich wants to have $1.5 million ready to hire investigators should the House need to implement impeachment proceedings.

Some are looking for a congressional move that would send a message to the White House short of impeachment, but Barr says that would be unconstitutional.

"The only constitutional mechanism we have is for impeachment," Barr says.

Some say Clinton's own party would force him from office before impeachment proceedings could get under way.

The SPOTLIGHT March 23, 1998

Bilderberg Wants Your Land

Congress must act to prevent President Clinton -- on behalf of Bilderberg -- from taking control of your yard or pasture if you live in a river valley.

By James P. Tucker

Your congressman is probably unaware of President Bill Clinton's latest mischief, so he needs your help.

With no constitutional or legislative authority, Clinton plans to take over the nation's rivers and adjacent lands. If he succeeds, Washington bureaucrats could forbid you to plant flowers, grow corn, raise hogs or build a shed.

The American Heritage Rivers Initiative would impose federal zoning and land-use controls on private property owners in America's great river valleys.

Congress hs authorized no such power-grab; Clinton plans to find taxpayer dollars from 12 federal departments and agencies to implement his plan under Executive Order 13061. This is using money congress appropriated for other purposes which is illegal.

Federal bureaucrats would have power over the "characteristics of the natural, economic, agricultural, scenic, historic, cultural or recreational resources of a river," under the executive order.

"Unless Congress votes specific legislation prohibiting the president from using any public funds whatsoever for this project, bureaucrats will be confronting Americans planting rose bushes in their own yards," said a State Department source.

There is hope. Rep. Helen Chenoweth (R-Idaho) has introduced H.R. 1842 to forbid funding of the rivers program by any federal agency. She has 46 co- sponsors But needs more.

If the rivers project succeeds, a state Department mole predicted, UN "historic sites" designations -- similar to those now applied to the Empire State Building and Yellowstone Park - will follow. Then, he said, implied UN control will become actual UN control.

First Step

Clinton plans to start with 10 rivers this year, adding 20 more by 2000 and ultimately more rivers -- seizing control of vast amounts of American land.

In any American deludes himself into believing Washington - and ultimately the UN -- will rule over his land benevolently, he should check recent history, the official said.

"Ask the farmer who can't till his land because a mud puddle has been designated a 'wetlands' by the interior department, " he said. "Or ask the man who can not build a house because a bureaucrat said his land is a 'natural habitat' for a rare bug."

Clinton's mischief would take more power from the states and local governments and place it in Washington which is unconstitutional. It would stifle economic growth and individual liberty.

It is also part of the Bilderberg-Trilateral grand plan (the president and the first lady are both members) to move power from the states to Washington, then to an emerging world government.

The SPOTLIGHT March 23, 1998

Terrorism Law Lands Dissenters In Jail

Police rounding up potential "terrorists" for what they might do only happens in a totalitarian state, doesn't it?

By Mike Blair

Some of the long warned about dangers in the 1995 Anti-Terrorism Act passed by Congress recently surfaced in New York city during a visit by President Bill Clinton.

The SPOTLIGHT has learned that over the weekend of February 21 and 22, the New York Police Department placed several dozen "known radicals" in what were described as "temporary holding cells" in preparation for a presidential visit to the city.

Actually, the police used counter-terrorism legislation to remove elements suspected to be opposed to the administration's war plans in the Middle East from the streets of the city. This is a direct assault on the First Amendment rights of those detained.

"We didn't want any trouble, so we took some preventative measures,' said Ralph Williams, a spokesman for the New York Police Department press office. He added that the operation was a "rousing success."

Williams claimed that the preventative arrests were all "well within the bounds of anti-terrorism legislation."

Buried By Media

According to a report on the incident buried deep within the New York Times, "The anti-terrorism bell allows federal authorities to conduct surveillance of suspected terrorists and to take suspects into custody to prevent possible terrorist action."

As for as it is known, there was not even a hint of terrorist action, only anti-Clinton demonstrations.

"New York Police would not provide specific information of the radicals' plans to disrupt the president's visit but indicated that the arrests were necessary," the Times reported.

Actually, there are disruptions during any presidential visit to a major American city. Demonstrations against the president are expected.

As it turned out in this instance, the "radicals" were planning demonstrations to counter presidential plans to intervene militarily in Iraq.

"Obviously, such a demonstration would not play well on the 6 o'clock news," a new York police official admitted.

Ironically, in this case the "radicals" who were rounded up were all of a left-wing political philosophy and probably under most circumstances would be considered followers of the president -- or FOBs (Friends of Bill).

Not 'politically correct'

Obviously, when Clinton fled America during the Vietnam War to lead protests in England against the war effort, it was politically correct."

On the other hand, today it is not "politically correct" to oppose the war plans of America's most famous war resister, now dubbed Over the Hill Bill" in some circles.

Williams said his department would "release the radicals on a case by case basis. Some of them have cases pending or outstanding warrants. We will be reviewing their records and making decisions over the next several weeks."

The Times asked how police "would consider releasing known anti-government agitators into the community?" to which Williams replied:

"We'll do all that we can to do the right thing, but sometimes we have to break down and follow the law.

The SPOTLIGHT March 30, 1998

U.S. Military Technology Shows up in China

Zionist have once again stuck a knife in the back of the United States.

By Mike Blair

Israeli arms merchants have compromised U.S. security by selling state-of- the-art U.S. jet fighter technology to Red China. The technology has allowed the Red Chinese Air Force to develop what is emerging as one of the world's foremost supersonic jet fighter-bombers.

The new Red Chinese aircraft, the Jianjiji-10, more commonly referred to as the J-10, is a very close copy of the canceled Israeli IAI Lavi jet fighter, which the United States spent hundreds of millions of dollars to help the Israelis to develop. The Reagan administration eventually pulled the plug on the project as being cost prohibitive.

The J-10 so closely resembles the Israeli jet that it is difficult to tell the difference between the two super sophisticated aircraft.

The Red Chinese plane also resembles America's top jet fighter-bomber, the General Dynamics F-16, which currently comprises the backbone of U.S. Air Force jet fighter strength.

The fact that the Israelis have provided the Red Chinese with the technology and assistance in developing the J-10 has been confirmed in the 1998 edition of Jane's all the World Aircraft, published in Britain.

"A photograph released in 1996 by the People's Liberation Army of a wind tunnel model of the J-10 showed it to be identical to the Lavi in all essential respects, apart from slightly raised foreplanes and the addition of wingroot trailing-edge extensions," Jane's stated.

According tot he latest British publication, the U.S. Office of naval Intelligence "reiterates U.S. belief that Red China has received Lavi technology for incorporation in the J-10."

Gave Secrets To Friends

To provide Israeli Aircraft Industries (IAI) the ability to build the Lavi the Pentagon gave the Israelis whatever avionics technology was available in America that they asked for. The United States also provided the bulk of what was reported to be several hundred million dollars to produce the new aircraft.

At least two prototypes of the Israeli fighter were built, the B-1 and B-2, in 1986 and 1987 respectively. Then the administration of Ronald Reagan pulled the financial plug on the project, forcing the Israelis to cancel development on August 30, 1987.

Planned 300 Planes

The Israelis had intended to build 300 of the advanced multi-role combat aircraft, including 60 two-seat training models. The swept delta-wings of the aircraft were designed in the United States by Grumman and the engine was to be a U.S. Pratt and Whitney PW1120 turbo-jet.

Armament of the Lavi would consist of an internally mounted 30-millimeter cannon plus four underwing and seven under-fuselage stores attachments for a variety of bombs, missiles and rockets.

The Clinton administration has been aware of the Chicom/Israel deal since at least October 1994 when a prototype of the J-10 was detected by a U.S. intelligence satellite at Red Chinese aircraft development facilities at Chengdu.

Still, the White House continues to extend to the Israelis cart Blanche delivery of the latest U.S. weapons technology.

As an example, in the latest showdown with Iraq the U.S. further beefed up the Patriot batteries left there from the Gulf War with updated technology. There have been reports that the Israelis have also shared Patriot technology with the Red Chinese.

The United States is providing the bulk of the technology and financing to Israel for the development of a new "Star Wars" type of anti-missile defense system.

Currently, the Red Chinese are undertaking a massive Project to modernize their arsenal of inter-continental ballistic missiles (ICBMs), some of which are capable of striking the heart of the United States.

Israel, despite its protestations to the contrary and outright denials, has for years been selling advanced American weapons technology on to the Red Chinese, as well as other potential U.S. enemies.

During the early 1980s top U.S. artillery technology, developed by U.S. scientists in upstate New York at an army research arsenal, was stolen by Israeli agents and was discovered in Red China during a may Day parade in Peking.

The SPOTLIGHT March 30, 1998

Thousands of 'Ouestionable' Doctors Found

Is your doctor competent? The answer may shock you.

By James P. Tucker Jr.

An estimated 80,000 Americans are killed and 234,000 injured as a result of negligence in hospitals each year. Most cases involve physicians, yet the majority receive only a "slap on the wrist" if disciplined at all, according to a health advocacy group.

Names of 16,638 physicians who have been disciplined by state medical boards of other agencies have been published by the Public Citizen's Health Research Group.

However, the report, 16,638 Questionable Doctors, reveals that most of those disciplined were not required to stop practicing, even temporarily.

Fewer than one-third of the doctors disciplined in this country are prevented from practicing by the state medical boards and federal agencies charged with monitoring them, the Washington-based group found.

This information is recorded in the federally funded National Practitioners Data Bank, but it is kept secret from the public. Consequently, most patients are unaware that they may hav an incompetent physician.

Patient's Rights

"Patients have a right to know abut their doctors -- if they have been disciplined for sex offenses, substance abuse, incompetence or anything else," Wolfe said in releasing his report, "Until the government opens its data bank our analysis is the best way for them to find out."

The report lists 393 physicians disciplined for sexual abuse of, or sexual misconduct with, a patient, and 2,391 disciplined for substandard care, incompetence or negligence.

Public Citizen's latest compilation of Questionable Doctors includes 4,562 new physicians since the last report in 1996, and remains the only publicly available, state-by-state listing.

The report names more than 2,000 questionable physicians in California, more than 2,000 in New York and 1,861 doctors involved in criminal offenses, 2,391 disciplined for substandard care, incompetence or negligence, 1,521 who over prescribed or incorrectly prescribed drugs, 1,309 disciplined for substance abuse and 393 cited for sex-related offenses.

"The most common disciplinary action for even the worst offenses was probation," Wolfe said, "Some states do little more than slap physicians on the wrist, leaving most questionable doctors free to practice with few if any restrictions."

Disciplinary actions vary widely from state to state, the report found. Mississippi recorded 10.83 serious actions -- revocation, suspension, surrender or probation -- per 1,000 doctors.

The overall rate of discipline is dangerously low and only an extremely small fraction of the nation's physicians face any serious sanctions despite the fact that an estimated 80,000 patients are killed and 234,000 injured as a result of negligence in hospitals each year, with most cases involving doctors, Wolfe said.

The physician has to "hear our inner-most thoughts, to see us naked, to cut us open, and to provide us with potentially dangerous drugs," Wolfe said. "Yet for too long the state and federal agencies chartered to protect us from those no longer fit to hold the trust-demanding privilege have fallen down on the job.

The SPOTLIGHT March 30, 1998

Impose Tariffs, Save America

It's time to tell the Federal Reserve that we've had enough.

By James Murray

The dialog coming out of the Asian currency crises adds further proof to the fact that Mr. Smoot and Mr. Hawley had it right.

The Smoot-Hawley Act of 1930 imposed a 40 percent tariff on all imports. The tariffs were very effective in stopping the flood of imports that was inundating the American marketplace.

Some argue the act would have prevented the Great Depression if the Federal Reserve had done it's part by increasing the money supply.

Contrary to what we have been told for the past 65 years, free trade is the major factor in causing depressions, while economic nationalism (tariffs can increase inflationary pressure.

It is very important to understand that it is unlikely to experience a depression with an abundance of money in the M-1 (currency and checks) money supply, just as it is unlikely to experience inflation when there is a shortage of money in the M-1.

However the central bank deliberately chose not to increase M-1.

Instead, the Federal reserve Board stood by while tens of thousands of farm foreclosures and business bankruptcies took place. It permitted massive unemployment, bread lines and soup kitchens to drag on for over a decade. Displaced families roamed the land looking for work and young Americans put their lives on hold.

The central bank wouldn't even allow the make-work programs like the WPA and the CCC to pay their workers with "legal tender" (real money). Instead the workers were paid with scrip, the forerunner to modern day food stamps.

The central bank used the Great Depression to crush the American spirit of self reliance and impose their Marxist style social programs on the American people.

In 1996 the Federal Reserve loaned the Mexican economy $50 billion to bail their economy out of depression. In January of this year the central bank loaned the IMF $50 billion to bail the Asian economies out of their depression.

Yet in 1930, the Federal Reserve wouldn't even loan the American economy a lousy $5 billion to end the Great Depression. The action by America's central bank was unconscionable.

We need to repeal the Federal Reserve Act of 1913, make it pay-back time for the central bank and get some justice for those who were forced to endure the hardship of the needless Great Depression.

The SPOTLIGHT March 30, 1998

Cynicism, Alienation In America

Was Walter Scott a prophet when he said: "O, what a tangled web we weave, when first we practice to deceive"?

By G. Russell Evans, Captain USCG (RET)

It is very sad to realize that character and morality have sunk to such levels in our beloved country that an elected representative of 526,000 voters of San Francisco can declare that "adultery and perjury are not grounds for impeachment" of President Clinton.

Those were the words of Rep. Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) -- seconded by Rep. Jose Serrano (D-N.Y.) Who added, "Clinton has nothing to be ashamed of," and Rep. Cynthis McKinney (D.Ga.) who screamed at the reporter, "We're here to talk about the speech!"

In the Christian faith, on which America was founded, adultery and lying are cardinal sins -- indeed, are the subjects of commandments. Although opinion polls find that Clinton committed adultery in that White House, Lied about it and urged other to lie, Americans still support him -- putting self-interest first and national morality way down the line.

The outspoken Rev. Anthony Brandon, a Catholic priest from southeast Chicago, asks, 'Have we as a nation become so corrupted that, as long as the money rolls in and times are good, we don't care what the hell goes on?" This is greed in the raw that has long been an affliction of modern politicians and of those who put them in office: the voters.

Apologists like to rationalize, "Everybody does it," and then run down a litany of misdeeds and womanizing by other presidents. Even so, the time has come to reclaim the personal values, responsibilities and integrity that made our nation great - the guidelines of our Founding Fathers.

Educators and school textbooks for decades have ignored America's heroes, such as Thomas Edison, George Washington, Andrew Carnegie, Henry Ford, the Wright brothers, George Washington Carver and Robert E. Lee. Instead, academia and the media denigrate our glorious past as contests among special interest groups, vs. e.g., Indians vs. The settlers; blacks vs. whites.

In his new Book of American Heroes: Great Men and Women in American History, George Roche reminds us of the greatest American of all: George Washington, heroic general of the Revolution and our first president. As a fatherless boy growing up on a poor Virginia farm, young George had to memorize over 100 rules of conduct set down by strict French Catholic monks. Here are a few:

  • Speak not when you should hold your peace.
  • Submit your judgment to others with modestly.
  • Let your conversation be without malice or envy.
  • Let yur recreations be manful, not sinful.
  • Labor to keep alive in your breast that spark of fire called conscience.

These rules were not memory tests or tenets for common courtesy, but rules for life to develop moral character and moral discipline - rules often trashed in today's culture of greed, immorality and special privilege.

Former Sen. David Boren of Oklahoma recently noted that the trust and respect between the American people and their president has crumbled and that anger has now turned into cynicism and alienation - a frightening situation.

The SPOTLIGHT March 30, 1998

Video Examines Government's Atrocities Against Americans, Common Law Claims

Interrogation by Robert J. Howlett, published by the Militia of Montana; 88 minutes.

By John Tiffany

As John Trochmann, head of the Militia of Montana (MOM), and his wife Carolyn headed east in their old car to address preparedness expositions in Illinois, Indiana and Ohio as well as at a university in Missouri, little did they dream they would wind up being interrogated by Robert J. Howlett, director of the Department of Police of the state of Illinois.

It all grew out of the MOM's involvement in the siege against Shirley Allen in Roby, Illinois. (See The SPOTLIGHT, March 23, and others.)

However, the videotaped interrogation turned out to be far more wide ranging than just Mrs. Allen's case. In fact, Trochmann took advantage of the opportunity to educate the lawman about a range of issues of concern to the patriotic community.

Trochmann has headed various patriot groups through the years. These groups were designed to educate the community of the dangers of governmental encroachment against our liberties. MOM is merely the most recent of these organizations.

Trochmann says he found the general populace to be apathetic. By 1993, Trochmann says, he pretty much gave up trying to wake up the nation. But then, just as Trochmann was giving up, the nation began waking up, inspiring him to go back to work for America.

Not just a talking-heads format, the video MOM made from the initial interrogation tape includes clips illustrating the points as they are made. The result is an important educational video.

Trochmann notes that David Rockefeller made this revealing statement at a 1994 UN convention:

"We are on the verge of a global transformation. All we need is the right major crisis and the nation will accept the New World Order.

Turning the tables on the police chief, Trochmann becomes the questioner, asking rhetorically what Rockefeller ment by this statement, and how events such as the Oklahoma City bombing play into this scenario.

A similar statement was made by George Bush, "Out of chaos shall come the New World Order."

Did Rocky and Bush, or forces closely allied with then, bring about such incidents as the Oklahoma city bombing in order to achieve their longed-for goal of the Global Plantation? The question was left open but, by implication, the answer appears to be, "It is quite possible."

Truck Spotted

Footage is shown of Camp Ruger, a U.S. Army camp near McAllister, Oklahoma, where patriots spotted a yellow Ryder truck of the same type as was used in the notorious bombing. Also present at the camp was a large supply of fertilizer and 55-gallon drums similar to those implicated in Oklahoma City.

In the Shirley Allen case, Trochmann says, the police went too far. Although no crime was alleged to have been committed by her, the sheriff of Christian County, a former state police officer, ordered his troops to fire gas grenades into the lady's house.

Mrs. Allen was besieged in her house for 39 days, and every window in her house was broken. They cut off her heat, electricity, food, water, and telephone. They tear gassed her, pepper sprayed her, shot her with beanbag bullets, played Barry Manilow music throughout the night to keep her from sleeping, and sent in a police dog to attack her -- all because they claimed she might be mentally ill.

The cost state taxpayers paid was more than $20,000 a day for the 29-day operation against this lady.

Trochmann and his questioner also touch on other issues:

  • How Timothy McVeigh's attorney (who was supposedly on his client's side) pushed for demolition of the bombed-out federal building in Oklahoma City, and all the evidence it contained;
  • The killing of a Bureau of Alcohol Tobacco and Firearms agent by his co-workers in a cattle car on the way to Waco, Texas;
  • The actions of the president in bailing out the economy of Mexico, against the wishes of congress;
  • The filing of common-law liens;
  • "What is the Trilateral Commission?";
  • The Federal Emergency Management Agency (it has done a lot of good, but why is it training snipers and paramilitary types?);
  • The money issue:
  • Evidence that the U.S. Marshals Service is running drugs into Montana;
  • The Freeman case and what it teaches about the Fed, and MOM's role in getting the Freemen to surrender.

This tape, with music by patriot balladeers Carl and Sunny Klang, is highly educational, but is somewhat marred by Trochmann's manner of presentation. One wishes that he would talk a bit slower and more clearly, and that he would not assume too much knowledge on the part of his audience.