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The SPOTLIGHT July 6, 1998



Red China now has a plant to produce weapons grade plutonium to go with U.S. ICBM technology.

By Mike Blair

While details of the Clinton administration turning over sophisticated missile technology to the Red Chinese, which has enabled Peking's military to target American cities with its ICBMs, has made headlines in America, elsewhere in the world the Chicoms have been busy building up their nuclear capability.

The SPOTLIGHT has learned -- confirmed by the South African embassy in Washington -- that Red China was sold, apparently earlier this year, a massive South African nuclear enrichment facility. The plant had been developed by the ousted white-led government of the African nation to develop a nuclear weapons capability.

When Nelson Mandela, a leader of the communist-dominated black African National Congress (ANC), became president of South Africa in early 1994, the government began initiating close ties with various nations, including Red China, that present serious problems for U.S. national interests.

According to SPOTLIGHT sources, South Africa's long top secret nuclear enrichment facility at Pelindaba, located in the northern Transvaal, roughly 250 miles northeast of Johannesburg and near the Zimbabwe (Rodesia) and Mozambique borders, was sold to Red China. The Chicoms immediately began dismantling it for shipment home, where it is believed to be in the process of being re-built.

South "Africa, which is rich in natural uranium, used the Pelindaba facility to transform uranium into refined weapons-grade plutonium that is used in the production of nuclear warheads.

Prior to the transfer of the Pelindaba facility. SPOTLIGHT sources explained, the Red Chinese lacked modern facilities to produce large amounts of refined plutonium, thus limiting their production of nuclear warheads for their bombs and missiles.

Now, apparently, thanks to the new South African government, that burden has been eased for the Chicom nuclear weapons industry.

According to SPOTLIGHT sources, the sale of the Pelindaba plant was orchestrated by Trevor Tutu, son of South African Bishop Desmond Tutu.
Reportedly, the Red Chinese were able to buy the plant for about one-tenth of what it cost the South African taxpayers to build it. An exact figure was not available.

The deal, sources said, had to have been approved by the communist Mandela government.

It was discovered that the Red Chinese had obtained the nuclear facility when South African police, in search of an escaped murderer, entered the grounds of the plant, where they were told they were trespassing by Red Chinese guards.

Words were exchanged and the police apparently forced their way into the facility, where they discovered that much of the plant had already been dismantled by Chinese technicians.

News of the sale created a temporary sensation on some South African media, which was hurriedly hushed by the Mandela government.

Hennie Du Toit, a counselor at the South African Embassy in Washington, confirmed that Red China had in fact obtained the Pelindaba plant.

He read a report from the South African media, which, he told The SPOTLIGHT, "I am satisfied with." It indicated that 17 bids from at least four countries -- including the United States, United Kingdom and Sweden -- were received for the plant and that it was sold to the British firm of Pacific Development Services. The Brit firm was apparently acting as a go-between for the Bayjoi Xian-based Red Chinese Nuclear Energy Corporation.

The report further stated that the South African Foreign Ministry claimed that the transfer did not violate the International Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty.

The embassy official could not provide further details of the sale.

The SPOTLIGHT July 6, 1998


Neither forced abortion and sterilization, murdering prisoners then selling their organs, religious persecution nor even the $50 billion trade deficit are expected to be on Bill Clinton's agenda when he visits his Peking paymasters.

By Andrew Arnold

Days before the president left on a none-day visit to Red china, the hosts pulled the passports of three Radio Free Asia staff members planning to travel with the president's press entourage.

This slap in the face was accepted by the White House with barely a protest. Many fear the action set the agenda for what is to follow as the Reds receive a tremendous propaganda advantage from the trip, big business gets to keep its lucrative contracts, American principles get swept under a rug and Clinton gives a green light to Red China's massive military buildup.

"This is insulting to our government, to all Americans everywhere and to the presidency itself," said Rep Ben Gilman (R-N.Y.), Chairman of the House International Relations Committee. "It shows what China's leaders resort to when they fear the freedom of communication."


Afraid of offending the Chicom government, Democrats in the Senate blocked an effort by Sen. Rim Hutchinson (R-Ark.). to hold Red officials to standards of freedom and democracy recognized by Americans.

On June 23, two days before President Bill Clinton led an entourage of 134 White House officials on a nine day tour of China, Hutchinson proposed a series of votes that would have sent a pro-freedom message to the Communists.

Hutchins's measures would have denied visas to Chinese officials involved in religious persecution or forced-abortion policies, ban new American-backed international loans to China and shift licensing authority for commercial satellites back to the State Department from the Commerce Department.

Senate Minority Leader Tom Daschle (D-S.D.) Would have none of it. "I'm not going to allow one single vote on China this week,' Daschle said. "We're not going to embarrass this president."

Daschle was not Clinton's only supporter in Washington. The Business Roundtable, an association of plutocrats, took out a full page ad in the Washington Post on June 24 to tout the importance of the trip.

"Renewal of MFN is the key to continued engagement with China," the ad says. "Renewal of China's MFN status will advance important U.S. national security, foreign policy and economic interests..."

On the other side of the coin are the rampant human rights abuses, a communist dictatorship suppressing freedom and a growing threat to U.S. security.

The SPOTLIGHT has reported on the dangers associated with giving the Chicoms a foothold in the closed naval station in Long Beach, California -- as the Clinton administration. Wants to do.

In addition, Chinese dissidents begged the president not to go to China and stand up to Red dictators if he did.

Xiong Yan, one of the students who was arrested and imprisoned for demonstrating in Tiananmen Square in 1989, pleaded with the president to find a backbone.

"Mr. Clinton do not forget Tiananmen. Do not coddle the Chinese dictator,' Xiong said.

The red government has planned the itinerary for the Clinton trip. It includes a welcoming ceremony at Tiananmen Square -- where freedom loving students made a tragic stand against the Red military.

The red government also planned the itinerary of Jiang Zemin, china's dictator, when Jiang visited the United States.

"I am deeply concerned that a presidential visit now sends a message to those working inside China for a democratic reform and respect for human rights that the United States is not behind them," said Sen. Paul Wellstone (D-Minn.) "At the very least President Clinton should meet with the families of the victims of the Tiananmen massacre and with political dissidents.

The SPOTLIGHT July 6, 1998


New axiom of politically correct America: You shall not know the truth if it's inconvenient or disturbing.

By James P. Tucker Jr.

When The SPOTLIGHT became the first publication in the United States to reveal that the late Martin Luther King Jr. had plagiarized large portions of his doctoral thesis (Jan. 22, 1990), the Establishment press hunkered down to cover it up.

The cover-up persists, but it now compromises the once-sacred field of academia.

A new book on Plagiarism and the Culture War: The Writings of Martin Luther King Jr. and other Prominent Americans was rejected by both commercial and university publishers in a conspiracy to preserve the manufactured memory of "Dr." King.

"King plagiarized throughout his career as an undergraduate and graduate student," writes Eugene Genovese in the foreword to the book by Theodore Pappas.

"Those volumes contain carefully honed footnotes that expose King's wholesale lifting of passages, large and small, on a scale so vast as to leave no room for excuse or exculpation," Genovese writes.

"The extensive plagiarism in King's doctoral dissertation carried forward a long-standing practice," he writes.

"Yet, instead of getting sober appraisals of the record and reflections on its significance for King's legacy and the academic world that permitted such violations of professional ethics, we have been inundated with silence -- silence punctuated with occasional excuses," he writes.


The author, Pappas, had this to say: "Three death threats, one left hook to the jaw, to rejections from 40 publishers in 40 months, and a sold-out first edition."

The rejections "were entertaining as well as enlightening," Pappas said

"Three of them said a book critical of any aspect of Martin Luther King Jr.'s life would be in 'bad taste' because 'King isn't around to defend himself.'

"When I replied that this absurd standard would mean the end of historical studies and of scholarship in general -- that this standard has not hindered the rise of our new national pastime, defaming Thomas Jefferson- I not only received no responses but in one case even got my letter back stamped 'Return to Sender'; the publisher had not even opened it.

But killing debate and stifling discussion were not these publisher's true objectives, Pappas said.

"It was only killing this debate, suppressing this discussion - and smothering any other hint of free thinking that might disturb the verbal industries and their manufacturing of public truth - that concerns them," Pappas said.

Pappas quoted the recommendation a staffer gave on publisher:
"I recommend against publishing this book, because such honesty and truth- telling could only be destructive."

"No more evidence is needed," Pappas said. "The verdict of history is in: Nothing is not intolerant of the diversity of opinion than a 'liberal' society touting the virtues of tolerance and diversity."

The SPOTLIGHT July 13, 1998



The Clinton administration is unhappy with its favorite ally (not Red China). But you aren't supposed to know anything about it.

By Warren Hough

On secure telephone lines, behind a curtain of tense secrecy, U.S. Secretary of Defense William Cohen and his Israeli counterpart, Gen. Yetzhak Mordechai, have been engaged in a furious altercation over the ministate's black market sales of U.S.-designed nuclear weapons components and other high-tech military equipment to India. That's what The SPOTLIGHT has learned exclusively from diplomatic sources in Washington and at UN headquarters in New York City.

Under a series of secret bilateral agreements, known as Memorandum of Understanding (MoU), Israel has managed to get, borrow, copy and steal a larger share of advanced American defense technology since 1980 than any other nation. The back-room giveaways of designs and products that most U.S. taxpayers billions continued for decades despite intelligence reports documenting the ministate's brazen violation of the ban against revealing or re-selling these lethal logistics.

But last month, when a sudden burst of nuclear bomb tests by Pakistan and India shook the world, raising once again the treat of global nuclear apocalypse, the CIA unexpectedly abandoned its long practice of covering up for the misdeeds of the Mossad, the ministate's secret service, these sources have reported.

In a regional National Intelligence Estimate (NIE), the CIA bluntly told the White House that it was "extensive Israeli black market sales of U.S. defense technology that had enabled both Pakistan and India to develop atonic armaments, and thus to set the stage for a doomsday standoff between two poor, volatile and bitterly feuding nations.

American national security officials have long known -- although they have never had the courage to tell the public -- that over the years Israel has illegally sold communist China military products and designs obtained from the U.S. worth well over $10 billion.

Pakistan's nuclear weapons capability is in part "derived from U.S.- originated technology China obtained from Israel and then re-exported to Pakistan," confirmed a recent report by the Stockholm International Peace Research Institute the prestigious European think tank.

It was this populist newspaper that cracked the story of this lethal covert trade as far back as 1991. It's ground-breaking expose was based in part on a secret report by Sherman Funk, the U.S. State Department's inspector general at the time. A detailed summary of the report was made available to The SPOTLIGHT's diplomatic correspondent by highly placed diplomatic sources.

But there was no public response from Washington officialdom then. Congress as usual, turned a blind eye on its most-favored nation's unbridled abuses of America's trust, largesse and national security interests.


This time, however, the Clinton administration's reaction has been different. The CIA is said to be "in revolt" against playing second fiddle to the Mossad. It put out a high-level report that makes clear the Israeli government's racketeering arms sales did not just account for the Pakistani bomb. The ministate's munitions merchants have made another black market fortune providing India, too, with pirated U.S. defense technology, including nuclear weapons components.

That report and rising world-wide fear of a nuclear clash between India and Pakistan, have now prompted Secretary Cohen to open a "full probe" into Israel's persistent violations of the laws and regulations governing international arms sales.

In a series of increasingly heated telephone exchanges during the last week of June, Cohen has reportedly urged Gen. Mordechai to launch a similar investigation into the double-dealing tactic of his own munitions salesmen.

Mordechai's answer was that U.S. officials were "thoroughly familiar" with the secret agreement under which Israel supplied India with a "broad variety" of sophisticated military exports. Therefore the ministate's government "saw no need to investigate further," the Zionist commander-in-chief brusquely told his U.S. counterpart.

"The question is not what the Pentagon analysts may know about Israeli weapons racketeering -- they know plenty, that's true enough.' says Dr. Pierre Aoud, the noted Lebanese scholar of International law. "The real question is whether the Clinton administration is willing to break with the long habit of Washington officials to cover up for Zionist criminality, and break some hard news to the American public about the mismanagement of the hundreds of billions of tax dollars it spends on what is supposed to be tightly guarded U.S. defense technology."

The SPOTLIGHT July 13, 1998


Can the basic American right of freedom of speech be suppressed by local ordinance?

By Mike Blair

Two Alabama men have been found guilty of burning the United Nations and other apparently "politically correct" flags in public.

Jim Floyd and William Burchfield were arrested last January 17 in the city of Cullman for burning the UN, Mexican and red hammer and sickle flags at a local civic center during an anti-immigration rally.

Both men admitted in court before Cullman County Circuit Court Judge Frank Brunner that they had set fire to the flags as "an exercise of their First Amendment rights," which, according to the Supreme Court, allows the burning in public of the U.S. flag.

Floyd and Burchfield appeared in court dressed as Mexican peasants, explaining to the court that they believed this might be the only way of getting the attention of the "brain dead" media that their First Amendment rights to freedom of expression were being trampled upon by Cullman officials.

The SPOTLIGHT appears to have been the only national newspaper to have carried the plight of the Alabama men (SPOTLIGHT, June 22, front page), who were each fined $500 and ordered to pay court costs.

The men''s attorney, Edward Coey, said the case would be appealed to a higher Alabama Court.

"Frankly," Coey said, "I think this was an overreaction on the part of city government to this meeting. Somebody at city hall objected to this meeting (the rally against illegal immigration) and decided to clamp down."
"The freedom of speech you protect here today may end up your own, the attorney concluded after the June 23 Court action.

"It's a hollow victory for the city." Burchfield said. "It comes as no surprise. I knew we's lose in the lower courts. What do you expect from 'Billy Bob' and his tiny-town tyrants? They make their own laws."
Burchfield said that if he and Floyd win their cases in a higher court, he will return to Cullman and burn more flags in front of the courthouse to protest illegal immigration.

"If we win in the higher courts, we'll be back," Burchfield said.

"The jury walked out of that room with the same look in their eyes as you see in the zombie movies of the '40s. The judge and the prosecutor should take no pride in sending the jury into that room without the whole story."

The "whole story." according to attorney Coey, was that city officials were trying in the name of political correctness - to silence the two men for exercising their rights of free speech.

The SPOTLIGHT July 13, 1998


A SPOTLIGHT subscriber and refugee from the now-defunct Soviet Union sees the freedoms he came to America to enjoy destroyed by a government which is taking on the worst characteristics of the ex-USSR.

By Ross James

I came to this country from the possible future of America - the Soviet Union. The longer I live in America the more signs of the communist USSR I see around me. I have a very bad feeling that I am going "back to the future" that I fled from.

I see:

* The frightening recognizable arrogance of government officials who work for themselves and against the people;

*Little accountability of elected officials;

* Abridged individual rights and freedoms;

* Unmistakable socialist orientation of the national economy;
* Forcible transfer of the national wealth from the law-abiding and hard- working to the lawless and lazy;

* Communist ideology intentionally dividing this nation along racial and class lines for easy ruling;

* Unconstitutional affirmative action;

* Socialist welfare;

* Destruction of the Christian religion; and

* A strong movement toward a one-world government.

All this frightens and angers me because all these government programs and political schemes were first invented and practiced in the USSR. Now the Soviet communist doctrine is being implemented in America almost to the letter.

1. AFFIRMATIVE ACTION. Immediately after the coup of 1917 (the Soviets called it a revolution) the communists started a government policy of affirmative action under which workers, peasants and some minorities, who had been exploited in the past, were given preferential treatment in employment, school admissions and places of residence. Well-educated, highly-skilled people were pushed aside and replaced by unqualified, negligent people.

Soon mediocrity permeated the whole society. Lack of qualifications, accountability and work discipline logically resulted in rude service shoddy goods, air crashes, train derailments and factory and plant accidents. But you could not fire "affirmative action" people because the might of the government was behind this social engineering. Many developments destroyed the USSR, but affirmative action was the most crippling social factor.

2. THE CONFISCATION OF ALL FIREARMS. Before the first wave of political repression began, the Soviet KGB and regular army troops confiscated all guns, including most hunting rifles. After that the communists were free to imprison and kill tens of millions of their own citizens. It was so easy to do to the defenseless population.

3. POLITICAL CORRECTNESS. In the 20s, the Soviet communists came up with the invention of the Devil himself -- "political correctness." They came up with a slogan "Those who disagree with us are against us." In public discourse and private conversations a "politically incorrect" label would place people in the dangerous category of politically unreliable and anti-government. An extremely effective tool of control, political correctness, resulted in the well- documented Russian Holocaust in which over 60 million people were killed.

4. THE DESTRUCTION OF RUSSIAN CULTURE AND CHRISTIAN RELIGION. One of the first things the Soviet communists did was to close churches and religious institutions. Under the guise of separation of state and church, school prayers were outlawed, and all Christian symbols and holidays were prohibited including Christmas. A historically religious people, the Russians lost their ties with God, and they lost their spirituality. Vodka and globalism replaced religion.

The communists were also relentless in their daily campaigns against everything ethnically Russian, disguising it as "the struggle against bourgeois culture." They managed to destroy the Christian religion and the traditions that held Russians together as a distinct race and culture. Russian culture was replaced with the fascist, godless communist ideology -- the Russian were enslaved.

5.FORCED MULTICULTURAL INTEGRATION. As part of the communist ideological effort, the Soviet government practiced forced integration in order to disrupt natural population settlement patterns. The communists knew very well that if you strip a race or ethnic group of its cultural and religious identity, it is easy to conquer. People were forced to live with other ethnic and religious groups. The goal was to destroy racial, cultural and religious distinction, and create "a new population category of the New World Order."

6. THE MASS MEDIA AS A TOOL OF SOCIALISM. The Soviet communists were very successful in brainwashing the population using the government control of the mass media. Concerned citizens, who tried to voice opinions that differed from the "politically correct" line, were hounded and branded by the media as anti- government, as separatists, as nationalists, as low-life anti-social elements and as enemies of the nation. The media effectively stifled public discussion by resorting to name calling and putting negative labels on decent citizens.

7. A ONE WORLD GOVERNMENT. The Soviet government adopted and tried to implement a long-term international policy of moving toward one global economy and a one world government. It was the first full-scale attempt to create a one world government according to the communist lunatic, Karl Marx. As a result, during the Cold War years the soviet Union controlled, directly and indirectly, over 70 countries of the world.

Does this all sound familiar to you, good Americans? Isn't it what is going on in America today? Unfortunately, there are so many of you who are totally blind and indifferent to what is happening in your country that some of you do not even realize that you have almost lost your country.

There is a clear parallel between the Russian tragedy and what is going on in America today. The cunning American program of affirmative action is destroying the unique fabric of American society, dividing Americans and pushing our nation to a race war. There is a tremendous onslaught on the Christian religion and European culture from the government and the anti-white, sleaze-peddling Hollywood.

The socialist mass media, tightly controlled by the anti-American globalist predators, does not report the truth any more. It has besmirched and corrupted the sacred notion of American patriotism - our nation's natural devotion to its own preservation and advancement.

Like the Soviet press, our mass media delivers one well-orchestrated view of affirmative action, welfare, forced integration, free trade, limitless immigration, a global economy and a one world government as an inevitable direction in the development of America.


The USSR was a microcosm of a world government, where 16 foreign nations and 130 different ethnic groups were held together by brutal force; where their race, culture and religion was destroyed. The Soviet Union was just a dress rehearsal for the socialist forces that are totally determined to achieve globalist goals. Parallel to Russia, they found a fertile soil for their evil globalist plans in America where most people are decent and law-abiding, but politically naive, gullible and easily manipulated.

The Soviet and American communists have fundamentally created all the infrastructures of a one world government:

1. The United Nations promoting the ideas of a unified socialist world;

2. The UN Security Council acting like the Soviet Politburo in determining the fate of nations;

3. The International Court giving legality to decisions of the Security Council;

4. Interpol acting as a world police force;

5. The World Bank and the International Monetary Fund enslaving nations economically, while financing the transition to one global society;

6. UNESCO promoting government control of the press, culture and religious expression;

7. The UN Fund for Population Activities controlling the growth of certain ethnic groups, while increasing others to be used solely for cheap labor;

8. GATT and the World Trade Organization promoting "free" trade, while denying the sovereignty of national governments over their own movement of goods, services and labor across their own borders; and

9. NATO troops "enforcing" decisions of the UN Politburo, controlling nations by force, and gradually turning the world into one huge work camp without borders.

Everything is ready in America for the trip "back to the future," back to one global Soviet Union. Think about it.

The SPOTLIGHT July 20, 1998


The truth (about guns) shall set you free -- if you're allowed to know it.

By Mike Blair

With last July 1 marking the third anniversary of the passage of Virginia's law giving law-abiding citizens the right to carry a concealed weapon, a resounding success has been scored for those supporting America's Second Amendment, "the right to keep and bear arms."

During the three-year period a total of 102,345 concealed carry permits were issued to citizens of the state and only 98 have been revoked for any reason. That's a minuscule less than one-tenth of one percent.

"This clearly shows that permit holders in Virginia, as has been the experience in other states, are some of the most law-abiding citizens," Tanya Metaksa, executive director of the National Rifle Association's Institute for Legislative Action (NRA-ILA), said.

"Across America," Metaksa said, "right to carry permitees out-perform their critics. Despite the dire predictions of gun control advocates, Virginia remains a safe state with low crime rates, thanks in part to right to carry."

In fact, as Second Amendment advocates in Virginia were celebrating the success of the right to carry program, Virginia was found to be one of the finest states to live in across the nation.

Three of the state's cities -- in categories of varying sizes, including Lynchburg, Charlottesville and Richmond -- were determined to be among the very finest in which to live in all of America.

In fact, fighting crime has been such a success in Virginia that the state currently is expanding its program to rent out excess prison bed space to the state of Vermont, which has virtually the lowest crime rate in America and also has a program in which its citizens can carry concealed firearms.

In Vermont, citizens are not even required to obtain a permit.

The SPOTLIGHT July 27, 1998


The internationalists are bailing out Russia again -- by squeezing you.

By Warren Hough

With the Russian economy plundered and busted the Clinton administration is turning to American taxpayers for what Wall Street ways cal "the Big Bertha of Bailouts." It's a bottomless boondoggle, designed to hand out tens of billionaire racketeers -- for the most part devout Zionists -- who have risen to the top in the former Soviet Union.

That is the sotto voce conclusion of Rabbi Rafael G. Grossman, honorary president of the Rabbinical Council of America and an eminent spokesmen for international Judaism.

"Two percent of Russia's population became enormously wealthy in the short period since the collapse of the Soviet Union, but the rest of the country is impoverished," wrote Grossman in urgent an note to fellow-members of his Rabbinical Council last month. "A substantial percentage of the great wealth is in the hands of Jews, who publicly flaunt their affluence."

Russia's Zionist money magnates are the power brokers on the highest levels of government. They own the majority of the banks and the media, making it inevitable that all over the former Soviet Union "the anti-Semitic powder keg is bound to explode...there is no future for Jews in that part of the world," Grossman warned.

The famished and desperate Russian masses are turning to populism - including an updated version of National Socialism, openly adopted in recent months by some leading Russian presidential candidates - Grossman concluded.

As for the Rabbinical Council of America, "We must be ready to pay whatever the price and organize a mass aliyah (exodus) of Russian Jews today," Grossman urged.

But first, American taxpayers must pay up -- "Whatever it takes" is the Clinton administration's motto -- to keep the thieving and foundering administration of President Boris Yeltsin afloat a while longer.

"Whatever it takes" means, for the moment, direct financial aid to Russia amounting to some $22.6 billion according to the official figures -- channeled largely through the International Monetary Fund (IMF) but raised, for the most part, from the United States.

It is, however, an open secret by now -- as this populist newspaper first reported it four years ago -- that such international bailouts are implemented by secretive and evasive financial transfers, with the public never fully told just what the total cost is.

There is a new consensus even among leading, Russia-friendly academic experts such as Princeton Professor Stephen Cohen that throwing money at Moscow may give the Yeltsin government a brief new lease on life, but it cannot avert the coming "explosion" forecast by Grossman.

"This bailout is different," says Dr. Delmore Kalman, a European economist who specializes in studies of international lending. "When Clinton mounted a $50 billion rescue operation for the Mexican banks almost four years ago, there were loud pledges that a new system of monetary surveillance and controls was being organized to predict and forestall such financial breakdowns."

Nothing like that happened. Instead "international megabailouts have become a regular feature of the global economy, despite mounting evidence that they don't really work," explained Kalman.


Moreover, there is now a despairing consensus among the most experienced economic and financial observers that most of the money poured into Russia's refinancing will be simply and promptly stolen.

"The entire economic system in Russia is as crooked and leaky that there is no knowing where the money will go, " warned The Economist, the leading publication of the global financial markets in mid-July.

In fact, "why bail out Russia again?" asked this venerable monitor if international economics in unusually contemptuous tone. "Is there any reason to believe that Russia will not blow the money away, after letting its richest and most grasping citizens pocket great wads of it while ordinary folks sink further into misery? Is there the slightest chance that a Russian bailout, this time will work?"

In reality the answer is "No," concluded the London-based weekly. But it may be inevitable, if only to slow down Russia's swing to populism -- "to a king of extreme nationalism and anti-Semitism," concluded The Economist, illustrating its point of view with a cartoon of a looming bear with the Nationalist Socialist swastika in its eye.

The SPOTLIGHT July 27, 1998


When do you applaud a $3.5 billion giveaway? When it isn't $18 billion.


A funny thing happened on the way to giving the International Monetary Fund (IMF) $18 billion. A House panel slashed a Clinton administration request by $14.5 billion -- down to $3.5 billion.

On July 15, the House Appropriations subcommittee on foreign operations earmarked the lesser amount for a new credit line for the IMF. It nixed the $14.5 billion administration requested for the IMF's main operating account.

The battle over funding has been tied to abortion restrictions - or help. House Republicans want abortion restrictions tied to the funding; the Democratic White House and the Republican Senate want to fund abortions overseas.

After organizing a $22.6 billion bailout for Russia, "the IMF has been issuing all sorts of cataclysmic warnings about the global economy unless its coffers are quickly replenished," said the Washington Times in a July 16 editorial.

On the $18 billion the IMF wants from the United States, $3.5 billion "emergency fund," called "New Arrangements to Barrow," which would supplement the IMF's general bund.

The balance of $14.5 billion, the Times explained, wold finance the United States' share of a 45 percent expansion if IMF quotas, which would increase from $196 billion to $287 billion.

Earlier this year, acting on a plea from the White House, the Senate voted to give the IMF anything it wanted. The House demurred.

Rep. Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) Called IMF funding "urgent." House Banking Committee Chairman Jim Leach (R-Iowa) signaled that the House just might roll over for the internationalists -- with your tax dollars.

Rep. Sonny Callahan (R-Ala.) wasn't as enthusiastic about giving the IMF anything it wants with no accountability. "There is still a lot of controversy scheduled for this issue," he was quoted.

The SPOTLIGHT July 27, 1998


Someone call Sarah Brady: The hills are alive with the sound of gunfire.

By Mike Blair

If you happen to be vacationing in the Catskill Mountains of upper New York state or the mountains of neighboring Connecticut this summer and hear the rattle of heavy gunfire nearby, it is not the U.S., military in training or some "right wing" militia group on maneuvers.

Most likely you will be hearing a training session of members of the terrorist Jewish Defense League (JDL) or its spin-off, the Jewish Defense Organization (JDO). And, those shooters might not be able to speak English very well. You could, in fact, be confronted by a youth member of the JDL or JDO who is more than likely a recent emigre from Russia, living in the United States as a supposed refugee.

It is more than likely he will be from the Brighton Beach section of New York City, an underworld haven for Jewish Russian refugees comprising what has become known as the "Russian Mafia." The FBI says the outlaw organization stretches all the way to Moscow and is involved in virtually every sort of crime -- from smuggling (even nuclear materials) to contract murders.

In upstate New York, the JDL and JDO have been training for several years in the Catskill Mountains of Sullivan County, a short drive north-west of New York City, not far from the Pennsylvania border.

Of course the Anti-Defamation League (ADL), which has been screeching for years about the dangers to America presented by U.S. militia groups, doesn't have much to say about the JDL and JDO "troopers," who have been terrorizing residents of the Sullivan County area, particularly around the small resort village of Livingston Manor.

Nor will you find the JDL or the JDO listed as terrorist organizations in U.S. government reports on worldwide and domestic terrorist activity.
In fact, Irving Shapiro, vice chairman of the ADL's national volunteer commission, doesn't consider them dangerous at all -- certainly not like U.S. civilian militias.

"They believe they have a mission and a purpose to protect Jews," Shapiro recently told the Middletown, New York, Sunday Record, which ran a front-page feature story about the young trainees titled "For Jewish Militants, Catskills are a Training Ground."

Nothing has been heard at all from Sen. Daniel Patrick Moynihan, the New York Democrat who is one of the leading anti-gun advocates in the U.S. Senate and who can frequently be heard squawking about "crazies" with "assault rifles" scampering about his beloved, and neighboring, Delaware County, where he has a home in rural Pindars Corners.

(In fact, when called by this SPOTLIGHT reporter, the senator's staff did not want to even divulge the location of his nearby home. Could he, too, be fearful of the militants?)

Even Capitol Hill's loudest opponent of the Second Amendment ("the right to keep and bear arms"), Rep Charles Schumer (D-N.Y.), current candidate for the Senate from New York and known to be a frequent visitor to the resorts of the Catskill Mountains, has been deafeningly silent about the mountain militants.

The New York State Police are closely monitoring the activities of the groups, which rent, from apparently sympathetic fellow Jews, camps in the Catskills of Sullivan County.


One such camp owner, Arthur Rosenzweig, who owns Camp Hilldale, in the village of Monticello, and lives on the camp grounds, told the Sunday Record, "They came to me and told me they do a lot of self-defense work and they called themselves Friends of Israel.

"Nobody could get in here to see me without an escorted guard," Fosenzweig said. "But these people were very nice, they never hurt anybody.'

But how nice are they really?

They spent five weeks at the camp and were closely monitored by the state Police. Sullivan County Sheriff Daniel Hogue, acting on the complaints of neighbors, visited eight times but was refused admittance.

Nevertheless, no FBI and BATF sieges here, not even a peep of protest from the ADL or its fellow travelers at the Southern Poverty Law Center, led by Morris Dees.

There was not a single report about the training activities on national television, not even after 18 were arrested last summer by state police for felony gun possession, of which four, believed to be the group's ring leaders, pleaded guilty last spring.


No years in a federal prison for these militiamen, just five years probation meted out by Sullivan County Judge Burton Ledina, who also gave them Certificates of Relief from Disability.

In New York state, the certificates prevent, among other things, employers from denying them a job due to conviction on a felony charge.
"We objected to the certificates the day of the sentencing," Sullivan county Assistant D.A. James Farrell said. "Most people even if they get these certificates, don't get them until after probation is served at least halfway through."

D.A. Stephen Lungen said he was unaware of a case where certificates were issued by a judge upon sentencing "on such serious charges."

Judge Ledina had no comment.

Incredibly, his original decision specifically allowed the felons to even possess rifles and shotguns.

Farrell, however, went back to court and argued against that provision allowed them by Ledina and it was dropped.

And where was the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms (BATF) during all of this?

Apparently, nowhere to be found.

Nevertheless, state police confiscated more than a dozen illegally- possessed revolvers and semi-automatic, large capacity-magazine pistols and thousands of rounds of ammunition.


"Some residents of Elm Hollow Road in Livingston Manor, where last summer's arrests took place, live in fear of the JDL," the Sunday Record reported under its "Militants in the Mountains" sub-headline in the three-page feature story. "They insisted on speaking anonymously, saying they feared reprisals if they were identified."

Colleen Dobbs, whose home is down the road from the Rosenzweig camp, was not reluctant to talk.

"I had a big problem with them,' she said. "Every time I drove by, someone would stand outside and write down my license plate. This was very uncomfortable..."

And when her children were out playing..."all of a sudden out of the bushes, came men from the camp, crawling on their knees with rifles."

This summer, according to the newspaper account, the "Militants in the Mountains" were reported to be extending their training activities into remote areas of neighboring Connecticut.

The SPOTLIGHT July 27, 1998


Hang on to your wallets: "Conservative" causes are earmarking people like you to pad their pockets.

By Andrew Arnold

Slick promoters are using computer data bases to mark easy touches for their money-making activities. With the help of mailing lists and the like, professional "activists" find political hot buttons, then milk citizens who have legitimate concerns.

Take the Freedom Leadership PAC for example. The group has a fund=raising pitch out that encourages Americans against illegal immigration to sign and return a petition favoring H.R.7 "immediately.'

The letter is signed by James Newberry -- the PAC, chairman, A. Michael Centanni and Christy Zeitz are also listed as officers.

H.R. 7 is a measure designed "to amend the Immigration and Nationality Act to deny citizenship at birth to children born in the United states of parents who are not citizens or permanent resident aliens."

It was introduced by Rep. Brian Bilbray (R-Calif.) On January 7, 1997 -- as soon as the 105th was seated. Six months later, June 25, 1997, the bill was assigned to the House Judiciary committee's subcommittee on immigration and claims. It hasn't moved since.


Still, the Freedom Leadership PAC, warns its audience to return petitions "within the next 7 days.' The problem is, the letter the PAC puts out is undated. Along with the signed petition, the PAC would also like "your most generous contribution of $25, $50, $100, $1000, $2000, or $5000."

Therein lies the rub. You must act immediately on an undated letter and send a contribution to a group you can't reach. When The SPOTLIGHT called directory assistance for a telephone number for Freedom Leadership PAC, this writer was told: "There's no listing for the Freedom Leadership PAC in D.C."

The PAC lists an address -- 1601 5th, NW, in Washington. The address is a mail drop in one of the worst sections of town.

H.R.7 sounds like a great bill. You can call your representative and encourage him or her to sign the bill as a co-sponsor. But you don't need to send money to a group you can't even contact, in order t support the bill.

Contrast the Freedom Leadership PAC to Liberty Lobby, publisher of The SPOTLIGHT.

Liberty Lobby has a registered lobbyist on Capitol Hill. Liberty Lobby has an office, which receives hundreds of visitors every year, on Capitol Hill. Liberty Lobby publishes a newspaper that has a section devoted to educating hundreds of thousands of readers - every week -- on issues important to Americans. That education turns readers into 250,000 citizen lobbyists. When a supporter calls Liberty Lobby, there is someone on the phone line to help you.