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Bilderberg Bureaucrats Duck Secrecy Issue

  • Informed Britons want to know, but British officials are covering for the world shadow government.
By James P. Tucker, Jr.

Bilderberg bureaucrats are slipping, sliding and ducking from persistent inquires about their conflicting interests as leaders of the British government and of the super-secret power elite.

Jim Bogusz, of Derbyshire, wrote to Dennis Skinner, a member of Parliament, on Jan.13, 1998 about the role of Martin Taylor in a "tax and benefits review."

"Martin Taylor was a member of the Bilderberg Group meeting in Toronto in 1996," Bogusz wrote. "This makes me wonder at what conflict of interest may arise, given that the Bilderberg Group allegedly hatched the idea of the European Union and single currency.

"One can argue for the merits and demerits of changes any state benefit, but when economies are to be made with the hidden agenda of reducing government expenditure to help finance our way into a single currency, then that has got to be reprehensible," he wrote.

Skinner responded promptly, saying he had "contacted the chancellor of the exchequer...asking for his comments on the important points you have raised."

Later, Skinner sent Bogusz a copy of a "Dear Dennis" letter from Dawn Primarolo, financial secretary to the treasury, in response to the Bilderberg inquiry. It extolled the virtues of Taylor without commenting on the Bilderberg issue.

Bogusz responded through Skinner, again asking about Bilderberg, as he had to such participants as Prime Minister Tony Blair. (Blair "regretted" not being able to answer questions about Bilderberg.)

"I am afraid I have little to add to my previous letter," Primarolo replied.