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Election Flaws Open Process to Scrutiny

  • It's all part of the plan. First the media exposes the flaws in U.S. elections, then it recommends new technology to fix the situation. The only problem is this new technology opens up the process to vote fraud on an even larger scale.
Exclusive to The SPOTLIGHT
Jim Condit Jr.

Major television networks are in the process of preparing a trap for American voters. After years of ignoring documented evidence of election fraud and easily-rigged computerized elections, the controlled media is suddenly doing a limited exposè on computerized voting systems, which they have been protecting for the last 20 to 25 years.

In the next phase, the same controlled major media will be clamoring for America to "enter the 21st century" by exploiting technology to create an election process that is even easier to steal.

On cue, Sen. Charles Schumer (D-N.Y.), point man for the ruling elite, has emerged to announce that he will be submitting new legislation to Congress and the Federal Elections Commission.

Prepare to hear the globalist Estab lishment calling for voting machines that can be easily manipulated from a central location. This means the new systems such as those manufactured by Election Software and Service (ES&S), have two-way computer modems inside each voting machine.

Amidst all the TV ads promoting the wireless internet, cell phones that can make wireless calls from one end of the country to the other, new ES&S voting machines can be accessed by satellite technology.

Those controlling the satellites and the computer codes could access and query the voting machines during election day -- and alter the results.

This raises the specter of hundreds of thousands of voting machines in pre cincts all over the United States being manipulated near the close of an election day -- changing the results of an election either nationwide or in any targeted re gion. Americans, who push the button at the end of the voting day and get the computer generated receipt, would have no idea whether the results generated were real or rigged.

The ultimate goal of the globalist-combine is internet voting, where everyone could vote from their home computer or from an ATM machine. While you would know how you voted, no one would know how everyone voted, except those at "command central," wherever that may be.


From June 21 to 25, a sinister conference took place in Athens, Greece, supported by billionaire George Soros and others of the so-called "Direct Democracy" movement.

The entire conference was a planning session on how quickly Internet voting could be forced down the throats of Americans and the people of the world. Representatives from almost every major country were present, even though the conference was not reported in the world's controlled press.

But, because the day is far off when every home will have a computer, the next hoped for phase is voting machines that can be controlled by satellite.

With either the new modem/satellite systems already in use in Chicago and Phoenix, or with Internet voting, the results would be totally unverifiable by local citizens.

This is exactly the opposite of how the election system should work.

Paper ballots, easily read and easily marked by voters, should be kept in public view in plastic boxes at each precinct all day. At closing time, citizens from every faction would count the ballots in public view, witnessed by those who were not counting -- a reliable procedure.

The results would then be posted in clear view for all to see at each neighborhood precinct before ballots left the neighborhood. Under such a system, no election could be rigged from a central location.

At the present time, Americans are paid below minimum wage to work in the election day process, even while their county is shelling out vast sums of money to one of a few mega-corporations who help "count" the votes.

Just as national defense is our safeguard against foreign enemies, honest elections are our defense against domestic enemies. After 25 years of computerized elections, the federal government looks as if it is being run by domestic enemies.

Remember, as Josef Stalin said, "Those who cast the votes decide nothing, those who count the votes decide everything."