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Clinton Regime, Media Black Out Border Clashes

  • The government, in collaboration with the mainstream media, wants to keep you ignorant of violent attacks on U.S. soil by Mexico.
Exclusive to The SPOTLIGHT
By Mike Blair

There is a conspiracy of silence among the mainstream media and the Clinton administration to suppress knowledge of attacks on the United States from across the Mexican border.

In one recent incident, Border Patrol agents were attacked by Mexican soldiers and foreign, possibly North Korean, troops.

The SPOTLIGHT reported in the Nov. 27 issue that on Oct. 24 Border Patrol agents had been attacked near the Otay Mesa border crossing southeast of San Diego by Mexican soldiers, accompanied by oriental troops and blond Caucasian soldiers.

According to a SPOTLIGHT source, the oriental troops were most likely North Korean Commando Rangers and that the Caucasians may have been Russian mercenaries. Both groups, along with the Mexican troops, were supporting operations of Mexican drug cartels.


The Establishment press, including The San Diego Union-Tribune, has not re ported on the Oct. 24 attack.

There has also been a media black-out concerning an incident last March 14 at Santa Teresa, N.M., in which Border Pa trol agents were attacked by Mexican soldiers operating three American-made Humvee military scout vehicles well into U.S. territory.

Border Patrol agents captured one Mexican vehicle. The other two escaped, scurrying back across the border into Mexican territory.

Acting on orders from Washington, the Border Patrol in New Mexico released the Mexican soldiers.

The Clinton administration claimed that the incident was being investigated by both the United States and Mexico. But a few weeks later the Mexican government claimed the clash never oc curred and official Washington never commented on it.


The only reason that these incidents were reported at all was because they were revealed by officials of the union that represents the Border Patrol.

On Oct. 27, the National Border Patrol Council Local 1613 demanded an investigation by the U.S. and Mexican governments.

The union represents Border Patrol agents and is a division of the American Federation of Government Employees.

The union not only reported that stray soldiers, including the foreign troops, had fired on agents near Otay Mesa, but that two of them had taken up sniper positions to direct more accurate fire at the American officers.

Keith Weeks, president of the local union, has been critical of the Border Patrol officially "watering down" the Oct. 24 incident.

"I can tell you when the agency called me they told me they were very disappointed we issued our press release," Weeks told reporter Scott Gulbransen of Strategic Jungle Syndicate, an Internet news service. "For whatever reason they're more concerned about keeping it quiet and we don't know why."

Weeks questioned why skilled military personnel would be stationed by Mexico at the border in violation of treaties between that country and the U.S.

"It scares me to think some enemy army may be closer than we think," one Border Patrol agent told Gulbransen. "People out there need to demand the truth and find out what our government knows."

To this day, official Washington has classified as top secret reports of the intrusion of North Korean spy ships and elite troops into North America, which was initially reported by The SPOTLIGHT in its Aug. 20, 1984 issue and supported as facts by articles appearing in The Arizona Republic.