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Liberty Lobby Founder Stands Up for America

  • Liberty Lobby has played a definitive role in defending Americans' hard-fought constitutional right.
By Willis Carto

To close down The SPOTLIGHT by governmental fiat -- which would be the end result of capturing Liberty Lobby -- would be a violation of the First Amendment, the most important amendment of the Bill of Rights.

Millions of words about the central importance of the First Amendment to the security of our liberties under the unique government created for us by the Founding Fathers have been written.

The First Amendment means more than protecting the rights of pornographers, child molesters, communists and other degenerates. When properly applied it means protecting those who wish to propound ideas different from and even conflicting to those prevailing in the fields of religion, science, politics, journalism and history. Today, the courts have in general lost sight of this fact and for the most part are prejudiced against those of us who do wish to challenge what they see is now a corrupt and degenerate system meant to serve only the interests of the international plutocracy, the cultural communists (the politically correct) and political Zionism.

In one of the most significant decisions of the Supreme Court, Sullivan vs. New York Times, it was ruled that the press has a duty to engage in "vigorous debate," which is precisely the mission of Liberty Lobby and The SPOTLIGHT, as any inspection of the printed matter and the radio messages of this Institution over the years since 1955 will unmistakable show.

Fundamentally put, Liberty Lobby/The SPOTLIGHT challenge the whole movement familiarly known as political correctness, which is only a popular synonym for cultural communism or the "Frankfurt School," a Marxist movement which was instigated by communists in 1923.


The SPOTLIGHT has always had a distinctively populist philosophy, mirroring that of its publisher. It is the direct outgrowth and the successor to Liberty Letter, a monthly newsletter which was for the purpose of advising and alerting subscribers and members of Liberty Lobby of legislation in Congress.

This purpose is carried forward every week in The SPOTLIGHT and in its regular "Spotlight on Congress" features. This public service is in the highest tradition of constructive citizen action in our representative system because such vital information is difficult or impossible for the average citizen to come by otherwise.

The feature of The SPOTLIGHT is the heart of the newspaper and the reason for its existence.


The reason The SPOTLIGHT carries news that may only indirectly serve Liberty Lobby's official policies is because the news media in general chooses to "bury" or "spike" much important and real news.

What is news? The SPOTLIGHT defines news as happenings that directly bear on the interests of the consumer, taxpayer and voters of the U.S. whether they know it or not. Thus, The SPOTLIGHT's definition of news is entirely different from the orthodox definition of news, which is to report on events that the dominant international plutocratic establishment feels the public should know.

In other words, The SPOTLIGHT performs a great public service by maintaining the highest journalistic standard of any newspaper in our country and consistently and faithfully carries truth through against the greatest odds.


The SPOTLIGHT, when it is mentioned at all, is always attacked as being "anti-Semitic." This charge is a lie, a lie that is a potent punishment and weapon always used to put down anyone who utters a word outside of the boundaries of acceptable (political position mandated by Liberty Lobby's Policy Position No. 5, "Pro American Foreign Policy."

Liberty Lobby sees that most of this nation's problems today result from intervention into foreign wars, none of which have served American interests.

This policy means hands-off Vietnam, Iraq, Kosovo and the Palestinian no-win mess. It definitely means no more taxpayers' money for Israel.

Liberty Lobby's position on this has been consistent for 45 years, and is the reason for Israel's agents, such as the Anti-Defamation League (ADL), attacking and minimizing Liberty Lobby and The SPOTLIGHT at every opportunity.

The SPOTLIGHT has prevailed legitimately and purposefully for 25 years against the entire controlled news media and before it then, its publisher for 20 years. The SPOTLIGHT and Liberty Lobby deserve accolades and respect for the thankless task they have undertaken.

The greatest danger to American liberties do not come from scattered "haters," as designated by the ADL, for a compliant press to endlessly repeat, but from the ADL itself and its like-minded alien subversives who work strenuously to trash our glorious First Amendment and make unpopular opinions criminal -- exactly as they have already done in Europe, Canada and Australia.

May god save America, certainly the "free" press will not.

Willis A. Carto is the treasurer of Liberty Lobby and the executive publisher of The SPOTLIGHT.