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Pro-gun forces control Congress

  • Politicians who supported gun laws deopped like flies before supporters of the Second Amendment.
By J. Parvin Foner

More than 86 percent of congressional candidates who supported the Second Amendment right to bear arms won in the last election.

This astonishingly good news is the result of freedom lovers, led by the National rifle Association with strong support from Liberty Lobby and other patriotic groups, taking their Second amendment campaign into the heart of America.

"A movement was reborn and firearms owners across the nation were mobilizing, organizing and getting out the vote," wrote Wayne LaPierre, executive vice president of the NRA, in American Rifleman "We were on our way to electing a preserving a pro-firearms rights Congress."

While populist patriots were conducting voter education and registration drives, the left-wing extremists were fighting back -- and losing.

Handgun Control and Million Mom March drew only small crowds. The Alliance for Justice held a press conference with Attorney General Janet Reno and Housing Secretary Andrew Cuomo to "launch a mobilization so massive that politicians cannot ignore us.

They announced "hundreds of simultaneous rallies, town hall meetings and door-to-door campaigns across the country." Turnouts were feeble and ignored by the mainstream media to avoid embarrassing their soulmates.

Paul Bugala, former domestic adviser to President Clinton, wrote a hysterical Internet column.

"What is it about peace and prosperity that has them so angry? Could it be that the Clinton administration was the first in history to take on the extremists at the NRA?"

"Extremist" is thus defined as one who believes in the whole Constitution, including the Second Amendment.

Columnist Peggy Noonan called Begala's hysterias "hatred, pure and simple."