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Bombing of Iraq Looks Like 'Bush-Whack II'

By Vince Ryan

This week's editorial on "Double-Yah's Folly" sends an early warning to all SPOTLIGHT readers that young Bush's outrageous, stupid and unconstitutional bombing of Iraq could be a foreshadowing of "mistakes" to come from this scion of high finance and brutal internationalist opportunity.

Double Yah told the press that the recent U.S.-British bombing raid near Baghdad, Iraq, was "routine" and was an act of "self-defense." This rogue leader must be sped because he endangers the entire Mideast, if not the world.

There was a time when Saddam Hussein was a friend and ally of the United States. Our CIA too hold of his future and cast him in ht roles of being both anti-communist and anti-Iran, at the same time he was an ally of the Soviet Union. His use of chemical warfare against the Kurds in northern Iraq, Iranians in the Iran-Iraq war and Shiite rebels in southern Iraq were over-looked by his then-patron, the United States.

After the CIA's puppet, Iranian Shah Reza Pahlavi, was overthrown by a fundamentalist Muslim regime, Saddam was used to take on Iran in a 10-year bloody war. The SPOTLIGHT reported in its Oct. 13, 1980, issue that Iraq attacked Iran only after receiving firm assurances from the CIA and Israel that they would support him financially and militarily.

Of course the chemical gas was provided by the United States. Saddam's loyalty to the CIA -- read the U.S. Establishment -- was unwavering. Keep in mind that the CIA is part and parcel of the American Establishment.

The SPOTLIGHT editorialized on Oct. 10, 1988: It was the Iraqis, who received U.S. support, despite a general acknowledgment that Iraqi leader Saddam Hussein was a sadistic butcher and no friend of the United States.

And although Saddam Hussein's rule was no less spectacular in the amount of blood that was spilled in his name that the crimes committed by the ayatollah's legions of followers, somehow Hussein remained a nameless, faceless entity to the American media public, while the ayatollah's grim countenance could be seen scowling from the covers of national news magazines and television news shows.

We have been saying all along that the de facto alliance with the Iraqis was morally loathsome.

And despite all of Saddam's "on the record" brutality, he remained the chosen one of the establishments of Britain, France and the United states. Thousands upon thousands of Kurds and Iranians succumbed to the lethal gas Saddam ordered used on them.

George H.W. bush was elected president in 1988, taking office in January of 1989. For some unexplained reason the elder bush wanted to go down in history as a great wartime leader, perhaps with an eye to making a lot of money in the process.

Saddam would be an easy target for the establishment to "take out." There had to be a reason, however to do so. The military operation planned by Bush and his associates was called "Operation Desert Storm." Meanwhile, the lapdog establishment media demonized Saddam in order to prepare the American people to support a war against him. What better way then to set him up.

The American so-called "mainstream" media did not tell the American people about the behind-the-scenes machinations of bush and his plutocrat associates and allies. Saddam had to be proved as an aggressor tyrant against a small nation. Veteran SPOTLIGHT foreign affairs and diplomatic correspondent Andrew St. George, speaking on Sept. 3, 1990, at a meeting of the Liberty Lobby Board of Policy in Washington, first revealed the intrigue to get Saddam to invade oil-rich Kuwait.

It was then-U.S. ambassador to Iraq, April Glaspie, who gave Saddam the green light to invade Kuwait, which he called Iraq's 19th province. Glaspie told Saddam that President bush had no position concerning Iraq's border dispute with Kuwait.

The Bush administration, supported by high powered propagandists for the Kuwaiti ruling family and the powerful Israeli lobby which had backed the war against Saddam, did all they could to suppress The SPOTLIGHT's exclusive story about the actual involvement of the U.S. in the war against Saddam.

The bombing of Iraq continues practically every other day. A failed U.S. policy of "sanctions" against Iraq has contributed to the deaths of 4,000 Iraqi children every month since 1991, according to UNICEF. In 1996, then-Secretary of State Madeleine Albright, when confronted with these figures on CBS's "60 Minutes," said, "We think the price is worth it."

Today, members of the Rockefeller dominated Council on foreign Relations are at the helm of our foreign policy, including some who were around in the regimeof the elder bush: Colin Powell, now secretary of state, then chairman of the joint chiefs of staff; Dick Cheney, then secretary of defense, now vice-president of the United States after a stint as CEO of the Hilliburton Co., the principal international oil services company; and Condoleeza Rice, foreign to Double-Yah and protege of Madeleine Albright's father, Josef Korbel, a Czech diplomat-refugee from the "non-communist" left.

Today, the GOP enthusiastically supports young Double-Yah in his hard line against Iraq. Double-Yah has cast himself as a "compassionate conservative" and "Christian," while continuing a murderous policy that kills innocent civilians, especially women and children. He is hardly compassionate of Christian, let alone conservative in the tradition of a Robert Taft. Let your congressman and senators know what you think about our Iraq policy. If you don't tell them what you think tey will never know that you mean business. As we pointed out last week, lobby them till you win. Call, write, wire, email or visit them in person. But act!

Remember: Your influence counts...Use it!