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Greenspan Avoids Questioning in Probe

  • Will the upcoming congressional cash-wash probe amount to a cover-up of crimes committed by the Federal Reserve -- and more specifically, Alan Greenspan.
By James Harrer

Is the Federal reserve Chairman Alan Greenspan the "godfather" of the nationwide criminal organization that enables leading U.S. banks such as Citibank or Chase Manhattan to launder dirty cash for sinister customers in the tens of billions of dollars?

After all, drugs are a cash-and-carry business. The cash has to go to a bank to be "washed." The Fed makes the rules and requires regular reports from banks. Of course, Alan Greenspan's Federal reserve is an essential part of the lucrative trade in illicit drugs today.

"How could it be otherwise?" asked a retired bond trader. "Greenspan controls the money."

But recognizing this bombshell fact publicly is another matter.

Greenspan's allies, accomplices and worshipful acolytes -- among them congressional leaders and press lords such as CNN Boss Ted Turner and global news mogul Rupert Murdoch, who owe their kingdoms to dubious financial maneuvers condoned by the Fed -- have built a shrine and a firewall around Greenspan to shield him from any suspicion of criminal links.

Last month, the Senate announced that the Permanent Subcommittee on Investigations of its Governmental Affairs Committee will hold three days of hard-nosed investigations into the illegal money-laundering practices of major U.S. banks.

But an advance list of the witnesses the investigation intends to examine suggests that it will ignore, once again, the role played by te Fed and its boss, Greenspan, in flooding U.S. banks with dirty money.

Executives of Citibank, chase Manhattan and Bank of America, as well as spokesmen for the Treasury and the Justice department have been subpoenaed to answer the lawmaker's questions.

But there is no mention of Greenspan or the Federal Reserve.