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New Legislation Pending Designed to Halt UN Funding if Global Tax Imposed on U.S.

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Legislation that would stop all United States contributions -- either voluntary or assessed -- to the United Nations if it imposes a global tax has been introduced by Rep. John Sweeney (R-N.Y.).

UN plans to impose a global tax on all Earth's inhabitants first emerged several years ago at a Bilderberg meeting. After exposure in The Spotlight, Alan Keyes, then U.S. ambassador to the UN, publicly denounced the plan. Keyes continues to fight the UN tax today.

Bilderberg first proposed a 10-cent tax on each barrel of oil at the well-head, meaning everybody who bought gas would be paying a global tax. Then, it suggested a surcharge on tickets for international travel. Most recently, the UN has called for a tax on international financial exchanges.

Sweeney's Prohibition on United Nations Taxation Act (H.R.198) is strongly worded:

"To prohibit United states voluntary or assessed contributions to the United Nations if the United Nations imposes any tax or fee on United States persons or continues to develop or promote proposals for such fees."

S-payments would also apply to any undertaking by the UN prior to the time this proposed law becomes effective.

"United Nations officials have made numerous and repeated proposals to provide financing...outside the scrutiny of member states, including borrowing from international financial institutions, assuming control of bonds issed by member states and imposing taxes on an extensive range of transactions, goods and services," the legislation says.

American taxpayers have poured approximately $30 trillion into the UN since 1945.

"The power to wax is an attribute of sovereignty," the bill says. "The United Nations does not have the attributes of sovereignty and is not a sovereign power and ...has no legal authority to impose taxes on United States citizens."

Contact your congressman and ask him to support Sweeney's bill bo block the UN from taxing Americans.