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Bilderberg To Meet On Swedish Isle

  • The SPOTLIGHT has done it again, discovering where this year's meeting of the Bilderberg Group will be held.
Exclusive to The SPOTLIGHT
By James P. Tucker Jr.

Bilderberg will hold its annual secret meeting at a resort near Gotesberg, or Gothenburg, Sweden May 24-28, The SPOTLIGHT has learned.

Bilderberg will meet at the Quality Hotel Stenungsbaden, a luxury resort in Sten ungsund, about 30 miles from Gotesberg. While accessible by land, the resort occupies an entire island off the coast.

According to travel agencies, Bilderberg has chosen an ideal location for security purposes -- something it has always emphasized but has become even more sensitive about in recent years.

Not only is the resort surrounded by a moat, but travel agencies report finding no accommodations between Stenungs und and Gotesberg. However, people who have traveled there say modest accommodations can be found.

In this remote but luxury setting, Bilderberg will deploy armed guards at the gates and around the hotel. Often, when meeting in Europe, Bilderberg deploys the military as well, sometimes with dogs.

The usual luminaries are scheduled to attend, including David Rockefeller and his valet, Henry Kissinger, who are also leaders of the Bilderberg brother group, the Trilateral Commission.

Rockefeller shares power in Bilderberg with the Rothschilds of Britain and Eur ope, and has attended since meetings be gan under that name in 1954. How ever, Rockefeller is now more than 80 years old and has become stooped and feeble.


The broad outlines of Bilderberg's perennial agenda are long known: universal free trade to create a world government under the United Nations and elimination of nation-states so the international plutocrats can turn everyone into wage slaves on their Global Plantation.

But the specific actions planned for the coming year will only be known after SPOTLIGHT completes its penetrations of Bilderberg in Stenungsund. After then, you will be able to read in-depth reports in The SPOTLIGHT and on several web sites which will present the information as their own, without crediting this populist newspaper.

Ever since its founding in 1975, and before this by its publisher, Liberty Lobby, this newspaper has reported on the secret meetings and often the plans of this enigmatic group, Bilderberg. It will be interesting to see if this year the important news will be reported in the controlled media.

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