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NAFTA unconstitutional, detrimental to America; should be abolished

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Congress should abort the NAFTA treaty and courts should kill it because it does violence to the Constitution, as demonstrated by an international panel claiming power superior to the Supreme Court (SPOTLIGHT, March 26, 2001).

Any dropout from remedial law school knows that it requires a constitutional amendment to surrender national sovereignty to an international body.

But NAFTA was not passed by a two-thirds majority in both houses of Congress nor ratified by three-quarters of the states as a constitutional amendment.

In fact, although much was made about the debate in Congress when this evil was committed in November, 1993, it was well disguised. If you depended on the mainstream media, you believed NAFTA was second only to the Second Coming: It would turn America into the land of milk and honey.

The treaty itself consumed thousands of pages in several volumes. It must be assumed that no legislators read it, much less understood it. They just did what they were told. Newt Gingrich (R-Ga.), then House minority leader, nattered about how he was for "world trade, not world government" while pushing this Bilderberg-dictated step toward global government.

In The SPOTLIGHT's page-by-page examination of the treaty, it appeared to say whatever anybody wants it to say. On one page, for example, it seemed to say that a Mexican woman whose training was significantly lower than states in this country require for a registered nurse could, nevertheless, pursue her profession here. On another page, in another volume, the treaty seemed to say that the Mexican "nurse" would have to meet standards imposed by states in this country.

The fact that a NAFTA tribunal claims superiority over the U.S. Supreme court, lower courts and federal and state agencies is just the first of many shocks SPOTLIGHT has been warning about for years.

Trisha Katson, then Liberty Lobby's legislative advocate, documented that NAFTA was unconstitutional (SPOTLIGHT, Aug. 30, 1993) and helped produce a special edition NAFTA: the Global Plantation that explained the issue to readers and legislators.

Next month, President Bush goes to Canada to begin the process of expanding NAFTA throughout the Western Hemisphere as the "Free Trade Area of the Americas."

As NAFTA expands, the 90-man commission expands accordingly, evolving into the parliament of the "American Union." Next comes "dollarization," or the common currency of the American Union.

Replacing the currencies of the countries with the Federal Reserve's dollars would mean additional hundreds of billions of profit for the bankers paid by taxpayers who have no idea that they must pay interest of the dollars.

Kenneth Clarke, a member of the British parliament, former chancellor of the exchecquer and long-time Bilderberg stalwart, acknowledged in an eyeball-to-eyeball confrontation with The SPOTLIGHT that this is the secret organization's plan for the world.

Tell your congressman and senators to repeal the NAFTA agreement before U.S. sovereignty is completely turned over to the Global Plantation.

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