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Secretive cabal cowers inside island sanctuary

  • In response to unwelcome media attention, the plutocrats have taken unprecedented steps to ensure their cryptic parley is hidden behind closed doors.
By James P. Tucker Jr.

Fearful that someone will somehow slip through the barricades and peek up their ideological skirts and view their dirty underpinnings, Bilderberg will take to the high seas at noon on Saturday, May 26.

Early arrivals of Bilderberg and staff boarded a ship that took them to the island resort, Quality Hotel Stenungsbaden. Name tags were observed by security men -- one photo badge in one color for actual Bilderberg participants, another color background photo badge for Bilderberg staff and still another for employees.

It was the first time in nearly half-a-century of such secret meetings of the world's most powerful men of international finance and politics that they became so paranoid they took their plotting to sea.

Earlier, Bilderberg leaders had ordered a very willing Kenneth Clark to bring the issue of Britain joining the common currency and otherwise surrendering sovereignty to the European Union to the of the list of Conservative Party priorities.

Clarke, a Conservative member of Parliament and former chancellor of the exchequer, is a long-time Bilderberg stalwart who is committed to the European Union and world government.

The world government wing of the Conservative Party has been muted during the current campaign as former Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher has spoken loudly against embracing the euro and surrendering British sovereignty to the EU.

Bilderberg men, including Clarke, hope and expect the Conservatives to lose in a landslide to Prime Minister Tony Blair's Labor Party in the June 7 elections. Blair is himself a Bilderberger-in-denial who fervently yearns for the euro, a single European state and world government.

Politically, Britain has been forced to do what most of the EU former nation-states refused to do, have a popular referendum on whether to embrace the common currency.

While all major polls point to a big victory for Labor, many in Britain are angry at losing sovereignty to the EU and the euro is in peril when put to a popular vote.

That's why Bilderberg gave orders to Clarke which he was glad to receive: visit Blair and urge him to bring the issue up immediately, promising strng support from Conservative Party Europhiles.

Two years ago, the British were outraged to learn that the European Court had nullified two acts of Parliament. This year, they were outraged when small merchants were tried, fined and threatened with prison for selling products using Britain's traditional weights and measures instead of the EU-imposed metric system.

Even as Bilderberg was gathering in Sweden, Lady Thatcher was speaking against embracing the euro and the European Union, warning that it cost Britain the sovereignty they had "fought and died for."

Blair felt compelled to respond to Lady Thatcher by proclaiming that it is patriotic to embrace the euro and 'share sovereignty" with the EU. It was in this atmosphere that Bilderberg ordered Lady Thatcher's own Conservative Party to make embracing the euro a priority.