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Secret Agenda Behind 'Hate Laws'

  • An important new video cuts through the high-sounding rhetoric about "fighting hate" and "promoting tolerance" and reveals the truth about efforts to destroy religious and political liberty in America.
Exclusive to The SPOTLIGHT
By Sanford Griffith

A new hard-hitting VHS video tackles head on one of the most controversial subjects raging in the public debate today: the issue of "hate" and proposed hate crimes legislation that cultural communist opinion-makers are trying to foist off on Congress and the American people.

Several years ago, when Rev. Winston G. "Ted" Pike-an outspoken young Christian minister-released his video production, The Other Israel, which dared to confront the immoral behavior of modern-day Israel and its powerful American lobby, Hollywood producer Norman Lear and his so-called "People for the American Way" were so incensed they issued a nationwide press release condemning the Christian minister and his video.

Nonetheless, thousands of copies of that "controversial" video were distributed across America and shown in churches throughout the country, bringing a vital new perspective on Biblical history and U.S. Middle East policy to many who had only heard the point of view of pro-Israel zealots such as Jerry Falwell and Pat Robertson.

Pike's video demonstrated that, in fact, many God-fearing Christians reject the thesis that "Israel can do no wrong" and showed Christians why it was their responsibility to chastise the Mideast country for its wrongdoing.

Now, in his new video, Hate Laws: Making Criminals of Christians, Pike is examining the equally incendiary subject of "hate" and how in the name of "fighting hate," the Anti-Defamation League (ADL) of B'nai B'rith is spearheading a well-funded and carefully crafted scheme to impose its own alien mores on American society and culture.

While efforts at promoting federal "hate crimes" legislation in Congress have received a high profile in the major media as a result of the infamous dragging murder of a Black man, James Byrd, in Texas and the brutal murder of a young homosexual, Matthew Shephard, in Montana-both of which are often cited as "proof" of the need for hate crimes legislation-the role that the ADL plays in promoting this legislation is little known.

What is even less known is that the ADL's so-called "anti-hate" efforts go much farther than just promoting the federal hate crimes legislation.

Actively aided and abetted by the mainstream media, the ADL has succeeded in making the word "hate" almost a daily "must" topic of focus in newspapers and magazines and on television and radio. Yet, as Pike's video points out, the ADL is certainly the biggest hate group in the U.S.

However, those who dare to question the ADL's agenda on this issue are either censored or suppressed or otherwise de famed as-you guessed it-"haters."

As Pike points out, the ADL's push for federal hate crimes legislation is part of a much broader yet more insidiously covert scheme to enforce its own political agenda on the American system using the police state powers of government at all levels.

Pike's video reveals that the ADL is behind a nationwide drive to have states and local communities pass legislation governing freedom of speech. These ADL written and proposed measures would make it criminal for an individual to criticize any identifiable "group." To do so would be considered "group defamation."

And it's not just about criticizing Jewish people or the state of Israel. According to Pike, under the ADL's anti-hate measures, even Christians who do support Israel could be prosecuted and jailed for daring to exercise their First Amendment right to freedom of religion by making statements (based on their own religious teachings) that are critical of homosexuality and other "alternative" lifestyles.

Likewise, Christian ministers who criticize non-Christian religions could also be punished for "group defamation."

Considering all of this-and realizing that Christians across America need to know the dangers behind the ADL's "anti-hate" campaign-Pike has subtitled his video, "making criminals of Christ ians."

Pike wants Christians to realize and under stand that the ADL's campaign against the First Amendment is as much about denying Christians their freedom of religion as it is about denying freedom of speech to political dissidents who might cross swords with the ADL over the issue of Israel.

A vital "must see" part of Pike's video features his in-depth examination of how "anti-hate" legislation and other forms of "thought control" measures in neighboring Canada (America's new partner under NAFTA) have been used to stifle all manner of freedom of expression.

In effect, Pike says, the Canadian experience with so-called "group defamation" statutes is only a "test tube" experiment for what ultimately lies ahead in the United States if the ADL succeeds in en forcing its peculiar brand of "tolerance" within American borders.

According to Pike, who is by no means being sarcastic or facetious or sacrilegious, the way Canadian anti-hate measures have been written, Jesus Christ Himself could be arrested and tried before one of Canada's Soviet-style "human rights tribunals" for making the statements attributed to Him in the Bible.

Pike pulls no punches in reviewing the ADL's sordid history as self-appointed thought police working to suppress any and all independent voices and institutions that have stood in the way of the ADL's role as an illegally unregistered foreign agent for Israel. In addition, Pike details the ADL's functioning as propaganda and intelligence conduit for Israel's clandestine services agency, the Mossad.

Pike's video features many rare documents and images made available to him by The SPOTLIGHT's publisher, Liberty Lobby, which for many years has been a primary target of the ADL's intrigue and which, in turn, has closely monitored the ADL.

Pike has done an outstanding service to America in putting this video together. Now it is up to Americans who believe in preserving the First Amendment to study this video and make it available to friends, family, church and civic groups so they can see what the ever-burgeoning "anti-hate" movement is really about.