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Plutocrat protection tightest Tucker's seen

  • Bilderberg undertook the most extreme security measures ever in a futile effort to hide.
By James P. Tucker, Jr.

Bilderberg has always employed heavy security during its secret meetings but this year the most extreme measures imaginable were introduced.

Inside and on the grounds of the Quality Hotel Stenungsbaden, situated in the island town of Stenungsund about 22 miles from Gothenburg, Sweden, armed guards guarded the guards who guarded not only the hotel workers but Bilderberg's own staff.

Police boats patrolled around the island keeping fishing and pleasure craft at bay.

A new high fence a half mile long had sprung up overnight on the bridge connecting the island to the mainland, making it difficult to dive in and swim to the Bilderberg fortress. This was in addition to a permanent safety fence.

Guards at the gate admitted Bilderberg luminaries by computer codes -- they could honestly say they did not know who arrived unless they recognized the face, which they were ordered not to observe.

Hotel staff was ordered to "speak only if spoken to" and "not initiate eye contact." It is unseemly for a bellboy to volunteer "good morning" to royalty.

Computer codes, instead of the traditional typed list, were used to identify Bilderberg participants and their staffs. Participants were pinned with a photo-badge of one color, Bilderberg staff with badges of another color and the hotel staff with still another color.

The agenda was printed in Black on a dark red background instead of the usual black-on-white. This made machine copies all-black and indecipherable so they could not be copied and distributed.

No list showed which Bilderberg participant was staying in what room. A computer list involving participants and phone calls could be called up on a screen.

The SPOTLIGHT's Christopher Bollyn was seized by Swedish police on private property adjacent the Bilderberg complex. He was driven miles into the countryside and dumped. Bollyn returned the following day and spent hours high in a tree taking photos with a telescopic lens.

The following day, Bollyn SPOTLIGHT reporter Jim Tucker and investigative reporter Dan Hopsicker visited a large location under a bridge where police from Gotherburg and several other jurisdictions were camped out.

There, one of the leaders readily acknowledged that he headed the Swedish equivalent of a SWAT team, The SWAT boss followed the trio to a place of refreshment several miles away.

A source within Bilderberg, who believes that public business should not be conducted behind closed doors, required days to obtain the secret list of participants.

The source had to wait for "magic moments" -- when the watching and listening guard stepped away for a sandwich and a colleague ventured to the restroom -- to hurriedly, furtively scribble down names. Off-duty, the source copied the names neatly for The SPOTLIGHT.

All this heightened security was put in place by the host Wallenburgs, Jacob and Marcus, plutocrats who own half the stocks traded on the Stockholm Exchange and much of the country.

All of this was in the name of "Democracy," of course.

Ironically, the most extreme measures in Bilderberg history to maintain secrecy produced the opposite. Never before have the world's most powerful plutocrats been photographed and watched so carefully.