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Red Chinese seeking secret of chemtrails

  • Are China's scientists using stolen technology from the United States to develop their own high-tech surveillance and weapons systems?
By Mike Blair

There is a link between the Red Chinese forcing down a U.S. electronic warfare techniques being developed in conjunction with mysterious chemtrails crisscrossing America's skies daily.

The downed plane and chemtrails information, together, could significantly enhance China's military capability.

The June 11 SPOTLIGHT revealed that the military is developing techniques to wage war by depositing in the American skies chemicals identified as chemtrails left by high-flying jet aircraft.

These new war-fighting techniques include three-dimensional radar that can scan enemy territory from hundreds of miles away; a means of altering worldwide weather patterns; and a means of detecting and decontaminating biological and chemical weapons in the air.

Obviously, other countries are eager to get the secrets evolving from the chemtrails experiments.

As readers now realize, these experiments are being concealed from the American people, who are experiencing health problems from the release of the chemicals, including mixtures of toxic barium salts.

The Pentagon has said little about the type of electronics aboard the aircraft forced to land on Hainan Island except that it was observing military buildups on China's mainland.

With the new three-dimensional radar techniques being developed through use of chemtrails, as well as the means to wage war with the weather, which could destroy crops and cause severe food shortages for China's vast population, China's leaders are intensely interested in America's research.

The communists fear that those weapons, already being tested in America, may one day be directed at Red China.

Just how much of the ultra-secret technology the Chinese have culled from the plane is unknown outside military circles, but those secrets were certainly compromised to some degree.

Are Chinese scientist, through technology already stolen from America's laboratories throughout the years of President Clinton and now from the spy plane, developing their own super seek-and-scan radar -- even, perhaps, weather weapons?