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Buchanan Places America First

The big money interests who control the major media and who profit from free trade, foreign aid giveaways and other "one world" programs hate Pat Buchanan because he believes that America should return to its traditional policy of "nationalism" as opposed to the "internationalism" that is being pursued by both "liberal" and "conservative" policy-makers today. What follows are Buchanan's views on why Americans should pursue a nationalist foreign policy instead of a globe-trotting internationalist foreign policy that provokes wars and creates enemies for America across the face of the planet.

The great foreign policy conflict of the post-Cold War era is between globalists and nationalists -- the heirs of Wilson and the heirs of Washington.

The globalists believe in interdependence, free trade, open borders, increased immigration, multiculturalism and the strengthening of the UN, International Monetary Fund, World Bank, the World Trade Or ganization, the European Union and all such institutions that take us closer to world governance and diminish the independence of nation-states. Bill Clinton [is] in this tradition.

New American nationalists believe the "global economy" and "international community" are mythic, i.e., they do not exist; and the largest entity to which one may give love and allegiance is the country, the nation-state.

Nationalists put America first, and the national economy before the Global Economy. They believe in the "American System" created by Hamilton and Henry Clay and perfected by the old Republicans. Their foreign policy bible is George Washington's Farewell Address; they favor an end to [entangling foreign al liances] ... they would put America's military at risk only for causes related to vital interests.

Nationalists would end foreign aid, halt further surrenders of sovereignty, declare a "time out" on immigration after 30 years of open borders, and set as their foreign policy goal: preservation of the liberty and security of the republic and strengthening the bonds of national unity.

Why is this issue important? Be cause it is the overarching issue that will decide when and where America goes to war, and whether the United States will end the coming century as [a] rich North American province of what some call The New World Order, the global plantation.