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A word from a Buchanan supporter

What follows is the edited text of a special message to all Buchanan supporters issued by Linda Muller, a longtime Buchanan supporter. She explains why it is necessary for Buchanan supporters to abandon the Demo cratic and Republican Parties at this time in order that they will be able to participate in the Reform Party presidential nomination process. Miss Muller's independent Internet web site supporting the Buchanan campaign can be found at Her email address is Miss Muller is one of the most energetic Buchanan supporters in America today.

If we want Pat to be the Reform Party presidential nominee, all of MUST get active in the Reform Party NOW. You need to join the party and attend its state, country and district conventions. REPEAT: you will never be able to vote for Pat unless you join the Reform Party as soon as possible.

Here is why:

We must get 100 percent loyal Buchanan people elected to chairman and delegate positions in the Reform Party. If we do not, then the anti-Bu chanan forces within the party can over-rule the petition process at the convention and put in another candidate. Any candidate who has enough supporters who are delegates at the Reform Party National Convention [to be held in August, 2000] could overturn the results of the nationwide ballot process.

In some states you will not be able to collect signatures to put Pat on the Reform Party ballot -- or even vote to nominate him on the Reform Party ballot -- if you have voted in the Republican, Democrat or other primary in the same calendar year! Not every state has this rule. Still, the GOP and Democratic establishment has rigged up enormous roadblocks to prevent any third party or independent candidate from having a fair shot. The number of signatures we need to collect in some states is extensive.

Even if Pat wins the Reform Party popular vote [in state primaries where the party is on the ballot during the primary season], Buchanan supporters must represent OVER 1/3 of the national delegates (200) at the Reform Party National Convention in order to prevent the anti-Buchanan forces from using a party rule allowing them to nominate another candidate at the convention with a 2/3 majority vote.

First, we must be elected as state delegates at the county conventions and later as national delegates at the state conventions. Loyal Buchanan Reform party insiders tell us it is very important for Buchanan supporters to win the county chairman positions, as well as all delegate positions. In some states national delegates are appointed by committees, not elected.

At our Reform Party county convention we will sign a party affiliation pledge and agree NOT TO VOTE in the GOP or Democratic or other party's primaries in order to qualify as a Reform Party member. This is necessary because if we vote in the primaries [as noted before] we can't legally sign petitions to put Pat on the ballot in all fifty states [in the general election] and without our participation in the Reform Party convention process, Pat WILL NOT WIN the Reform Party nomination or the White House.